House still gone. Please give me an update

I am nearing a month of my house missing. What was at first a never ending nightmare has shifted into a daily reality.

I have transferred servers as my server completely died out, could I PLEASE get a update on whats going on?

Just like some other person posted, if you reimbursed at least 20k gold that would START to make me feel better about everything. I rushed to buy a house so I could craft more easily and have had my house bugged longer then it has been accessible. Please give me an update…

I have transferred to NENO KUNI. can you please update my ticket so the team is aware?
Character Name: Skard Halfdan
Steam ID: My friend code is 218191591 and name currently is hoffbossn on steam
Which territory your house was in?: Everfall
When did you purchase the house?: Roughly 3 weeks ago, mid october.
When was the last time you were able to enter your house?: Maybe around october 27th.
When did they notice that your house was lost?: Shortly later in the day, I was using it earlier in the day and later on it just bugged out. After an update if I remember correctly.
Did you experience a housing loss after server maintenance? If yes, what were you doing: I was most likely just questing. Or gathering. Or crafting.


Please, I really need support… If someone can please tell me what my ticket ID is and when this will get resolved…

BUMP tttttt

BUMP PLEASE HELP MEEE! ID REALLY APPREACITE IT! this is just getting sad :frowning:

Another day. no house for me. Plz bump…

still no house, I will be bumping this everyday until I get an answer.

another bump

another bump…

Another BUMP… Ive since made another ticket AND have gotten a ticket number…

Another bump.

Another bump. 12 days no reply. UNREAL.

same story here bro. looks like they arent that bothered about it

The mods here cant help you anyway, they will just say: okay thanks we share it with our team.
I lost 10houses - yeah I always bought new ones kekW and never got anything back xD the Support cant help either so either you got a lot of gold and you buy new houses or you have to deal with it. Sounds hard but it is what it is - sorry.

did you lose every house u bought? this is terrible…

only the last one I bought. I could keep 2 but the third just disappeared randomly over and over… its just sadge due to the Trophy i can never craft or get to max luck :confused: but as I said, they cant help you here :confused:

Another day. Plz bump. Well im going to finaly buy a house and hope to god it doesnt disappear. the amount of anxiety I get from the bugs in this game is just wrong.

bump. get this man a house

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bump again bc get this man a house

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<333333 so much love, I can tell your green huh? :stuck_out_tongue: