House tax feedback! Not crying , just telling!

So i have 2 houses of last tier wanna buy 3rd one! But u said tax will be lower , as far as i remember i was paying 1800 now its 1670 :slight_smile: i am casual player in this game not tryhard guy , and houses are needed in this game , but to pay taxes for 3 houses i need to get 4.5k at least. I am 25 y.o. Person i need trophies,storage etc. But i dont want to log in in game in my day off and grind 5 hours for mats to sell , because items are worth nothing from dungeons etc(im not crafter too). I can pay 1000 in a week but not 1.8k for my house in first light and 1670 in everfall and ~2k for my new house , cuz im working , and even if im working 3working days and 3offs its basically all week and tax pay comes! But ofc i will not play all 3 days cuz i have to do IRL stuff. No body wants to lower taxes from 10% cuz all the territories (who owes 2 super strong guilds) selling gold(which is 3million in everfall weekly) or spending on gambling craft items! I can buy gold as well prices are not high on irl market , but im fair player first of all , second i dont wanna get banned. Game is super cool , but some decisions are really wierd. Not gonna quit , but gonna loose the opportunity to use house all time . Think about casual players who can play only in evening 2-4 hrs not every fay tho! Thq for attention <3 @Luxendra


Basterebbe mettere l’acquisto delle case a meno e permettere, ai giocatori, di averne una per ogni città ma con il limite di attivazioni contemporanee a 3. In questo modo il giocatore sarebbe libero di scegliere dove “soggiornare” ed “a chi pagare le tasse”

Yes, the rent is too damn high!


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback! We deliberately lowered the housing tax for a bit as compensation (for more information, please see here: [Downtime] Addressing Various Issues - November 23rd 6:00 am PT - #3 by Tosch

But I hear you and will forward this feedback to the team!


You didnt understand ALL companies who own city kept tax VERY HIGH so that makes tax cost too much, no one changing tax %. They just dont have motivation to do it since we all stuck in and cant move zones with no house selling option.


On my server literally ALL city’s have 10% tax, that is really hurt to pay up, especially if you have high tier house


The entire system needs an overhaul. They can keep taxes as is however some of the money must come back to the players that support the town.

  1. Allow Territory Standing bonus to mitigate up to 70% of the house taxes.
  2. After town upkeep costs are covered, the owning company gets 30% of the remaining gold
  3. After the company receives their 30%, whatever is left over is distributed as a tax rebate split among the players that own a house in that town

Two things I have to say. First, get a cheaper house as a casual player.

I am a hardcore PvPer, which means I don’t have too much time to make good money. So I have T1 houses in the territories I need them, because the taxes are manageable after a few OPR games. I suggest not getting big houses until you have a high money making system (i.e. selling crafted items, crafting services, fueling mats into the market, or flipping the markets resources).

Second, it really sucks that the property tax isn’t capped at 5% especially after a month of players telling devs (in reddit and in forums) that the companies running territories are squeezing the casual players, worsening the experience for people who don’t own territory.

That’s my biggest annoyance, is number 2.


i already quite this game like alot of others do this devs dont know anything what ppl asking for and as i can see the PTR thing is so damn useless instead of fixing now its a thing to add more bugs in this game well im completly done now every monthly update the game lose 30k player i wont defend this game anymore let it die that what devs want anyway

The problem now is they’ve given everyone a taste of what housing tax should feel like. It’s hard adjusting back, I’m avoiding my taxes until I absolutely have to pay them. Tax needs reducing, no company in their right mind is going to lower taxes anymore. It’s pointless having the tax brackets.

A better feature for the brackets should be linked to territory standing. The higher you are, the lower the tax bracket. (Not just the reduction cards every now and then, they’re pretty much useless.)

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Allowing players to move their homes to a new territory will open up the market here. People are currently locked in based on where they bought their homes and are unable to punish companies who gouge them.


Is my company the only company that reduced housing tax to 6%? Lol. Almost every territory on our server reduced taxes to about 6%.

I agree, On our server, the only way to make money is by selling asmodum, runic leather and phinxweave. even void ore sells for under 300. The system is pushing players to cheat and buy gold for real money. Which I will not do as a matter of principle and following the rules. (Sorry for typos)


That was a cosmetic Change at Most.
Taxes are still way to high, every City is setting max. Tax anyways, why would they Not?

People are greedy.

But thanks for forwarding this issue, can only Hope Devs finally start to realize that the Game needs New Players and the Current system is scaring those away.

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Why even bring it up…they won’t do anything about it. It’s working as intended. I am sorry to say this…but i am wondering if the Gold sellers are actually employees of Amazon. I surely hope not!

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On Lilliput all of them are ~5% as of last night when I looked.

It’s lower because the cap is 10. Previously it was 20. But more companies are willing to max it now because they spent 2 months getting 20%, even though we only paid 2%.

May I politely suggest you deliberately lower it back before you shed most of your casual players?


You can forward this to them too…

This is the sole reason I’ve quit New World … well, the thing I just can’t overlook… I logged in, have 7.2k … went to pay property tax on one house, it was 1k, I looked at my others and the property tax rates for those was even higher. I’m not playing a fucking game to pay a mortgage on a house in a game when I have one IRL to pay for… I play games to get away from all that shit

Ya know what? I’m just not bothering… AWS has done its best to kill the game and now to finish it off, they’re giving the players the tools to do it for them.

Good luck with all this shit, hope you figure it out sometime… at least before your next game release… I’d high hope for Crucible, then high hopes for New World … now I realise Amazon Gaming is just lacking.

I was even going to just xfer server, so I checked out a couple and they’re all as fked as my own.

To end on a good note … the sound guys are the only ones who seem to know what they’re doing, kudos to them, they made a buggy game sound great and made you willing to overlook lots of things just to hear the clink of mining etc.


we reduced it to 5% :woman_shrugging:t3:

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