House Taxes -90% for a month to "address the duping and exploits issue"?

So I wonder, how does this:

  1. Address the issue of duping?
  2. Address the issue of exploits?
  3. Benefit in any way to all the players who DON’T own a house because owning a house is such a waste of gold?

And yet companies are just raising the property tax to extreme levels now as a result…


New World clearly needs a democratic or parliamentary option for non-warring companies to band together and push dictatorial, authoritarian-leaning companies out of power without having to use brute strength :slight_smile:

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How does this address the issue?

I’m so confused.

I thought they said the issue had already been addressed?

Maybe they need to be more specific on which dupe issue they’re talking about?

Or like…unlock furnishing and trophy’s before offering recompense that is actually not even that, but a discount on a fee that shouldn’t exist until those two things are fixed?

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A lot of the wealth transfer disabling we implemented to fix duplications and exploits severely impacted players’ abilities to pay taxes or keep their town projects from downgrading. We are working on unlocking furnishing/trophy trading in a later update but this is only a portion of the compensation we’ve been planning to release.

For further context, I’ve linked the Official News thread that contains this information as well as the patch/fixes that correlate to it.


1, 2. To address something, as in to give attention to something. In this case, a set of issues in the past.
3. I’ve stated this numerous times already. AGS can probably try and reimburse players in various ways, but there’ll always be this crowd who just remains dissatisfied because what is given either doesn’t benefit them or isn’t good enough to them. The gesture given is irrelevant to them.

they should just shut down the game . until they fix the Dupes, they will never catch up like this.

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owww come on dont jealous…
And owning a house is not a waste at all :slight_smile:

it is now that , trophy and furnished are disabled >< only use right now is teleport


OK, that makes it a bit clearer - it’s a move to make up for the difficulty with paying housing taxes. Thank you for responding and explaining the purpose, because the tweet didn’t deliver that message at all. :slight_smile:


lol “waste of gold” I guess you don’t even know the real benefits… besides the thropies buffs, fast traveling is no longer an issue across the map regardless of your server factions map and also you don’t need to worry about your inventory size to fast travel.

Thank you for adding exactly zero value to the topic. Now please go back to playing with dollies.

and how dose this not hurt the economy by reducing tax income even more for the city

This does incentivize companies to increase their property tax, as it has smaller effect on the home owners and still gives the increased payout to the company. This seems like a very backwards way of compensation.

However, this is a funny “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. You will have people argue this is not the correct way to do this, but in the end its important to realize this helps (some) players

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reducing taxes makes sense to me, thanks ags

nope they said housing tax income stays the same, basically gold from thin air to the companies to make it fair :slight_smile:

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Biggest question what will the break to implement this…

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I guess the raise is 10 fold to make the compagnies having the same income as before.
Any “raise” is gold duping creating gold out of thin air. AGS is duping gold

Yes, if the raise compensate for the 90% reduction, compagnies will make way more money with taxes.

haha true, seems fine so far

Thank you for the exploits that company owners can further abuse,

I understand the developers thought now, they want a rich elite and a poor class to further the immersion of the real life sim…

taxes going to 1-4% of a total company player base is garbage game design

taxes are dumb… the ownership of territories should be perk based… not ever a even playing field hence why I quit a week after hitting 60…

game geared for exploiters with every decision they make game more grindy and entice more people to cheat…

exploit early and hard!!!

so ty for your time, but no ty for wasting my time on this game till you get your story straight and make something that has great potential to be fun… fun and not a annoying reminder of real life…

great time leveling, but after 60 is sided unfair and broken… just like when you get a job cough and pay taxes