House Taxes - Do NOT return to old tax amount

Give factions more control over taxes and establish an upper limit to it…



Is there really so little interest in this topic?
If we want to catch AGS attention on this, comment and upvote/like it!
Otherwise it just gets closed after 30 days and people complain AGS is not listening…


Have you not seen the current issue going on with the low tax thing currently?

Do you mean that AGS is compensating factions losses?
They should stop that and let the market regulate it.

Companies set taxes and AGS completely steps out of it.

What did I miss?


No the fact the AGS created so much gold into the economy by lowering the taxes by 90% and giving the companies full amount + 20% of taxes basically giving companies the power to single handly own servers. The list goes on. Unless I am not understanding what you are referring to exactly

i agree, the taxes should stay as they are now for houses.

That’s exactly what I ask for, in my subject

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