🚮 House Trophy Limit (Day 375)

Will we ever see trophy limit increased? 5 Trophies per house is too few. Travel to your houses all the time to switch them out is very time consuming.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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Perfect summary!


Well what else do you want them to tell you? We hate your suggestion? :joy: this will eventually come, im guessing it will be in the same update as the upcoming guild houses and house score changes. Just wait


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Thank you for your thread. We appreciate your summary and don’t worry I will print it for the dev team. Having it on a paper will get more attention because you know that we want to save green woods and mature trees.

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i want to double like this


Thank you for your suggestion!
Most robotic replies :rofl: :rofl:
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This is great…

Simple truth is there is NO reason to have a trophy limit, it’s not game breaking and allowing everyone to display and receive buffs from all their trophies is very good for the game.

  1. HUGE QoL enhancement
  2. Removes the “feels bad” when youre out doing stuff and forgot you didn’t put up your trophies
  3. Increases the value of Trophies and their usage. No one wants some obscure trophy they rarely use, or won’t use because its so annoying to change them but if it was active all the time they would buy one.

To be honest, the list of benefits could go on and on, and they look really cool. Would love to display all of them in the house even if they decided to do something stupid like keep 5, but let us change them in the menus (hope they don’t).

Also… makes crafting much less annoying. It’s bad enough im going to waste a ton of mats “gambling”, don’t make it take 15 min to set up.


The limit is fine, having to go to each house and swap trophies is not.

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How do you defend that? I would love to hear a single argument for “why” 5 or any number should be the limit? Especially if they can be changed in the menu.

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agreed. like @Troysnew said make it so they are all able to be place in the houses, but swapped from a menu

However, i must add. that nothing would hurt the game if all buffs were allowed. Either way it would be a really nice QoL change IMO.

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The Game Developers chose 5 per house as a Value add to buying houses. More houses you own. more trophies you can put up simultaneously. Its another form of progression to work on while you level up and amass coin.

15 for 3 houses seems to be a good number as I can have all 4 enemy types and a loot luck up at same time. If I want to craft, I am not fighting so I swap out trophies for whatever I am crafting for.

To me the issue lies in swapping them out as it could be a pain to go around to each house, although this was even more problematic when azoth usage was always on your mind during the first few months of release but not any longer since they made the azoth changes.

So again I think the number is fine the method to swap them when needed is not.


That is a fair point. However, even if you have all trophies available at all times. it would not remove the value from having 3 houses. You cannot stack the same trophy in a single house as is. You would still need all 3 houses to maximize the buffs from the trophies.


Thanks for your comments.

they should have it that way if and only if you have all major trophies and I mean all of them. every single one. if you took the time, money to have every trophy a major trophy then you should have every buff at all times, lol

Again, I’m gonna put my suggestion:
Remove trophies from houses, consolidate them into wearable charms. Wear 5 at the same time like pins or whatever you wanna call.

Merge 3 current trophies into 1 charm, but don’t make it a bullshitty grindy 1/200 drop chance from a single spawn mob with a total spawn of 3 per-world, I know you AGS and your monkey paw wishes.
Done, problem solved.
If they ever get the inventory management ongoing, this should be further improved.
Crafting set, check.
Mutated corrupted set, check.
Feel like picking flowers, gathering set, check.
Feel like mining some ore? Lol no, bots everywhere. That’s for another thread.

But still, say no to trophies, give us the hability to change them like runeglass from our own inventory, 5 at a time, buff them and consolidate 3x1.

the trophey system is great

IRL dont you tie your shoe laces together and then try to sprint full speed, its fun cause its hard…

yea a lil qol would go along way, like let us put them all up and choose which buffs we want from the map, traveling from town to town to take down and put up trophies isnt hard and rewarding or fun, its stupid and annoying

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be unlimited…
Let all my trophies hang on the wall…


That is a valid point. since you could stack the different tiers of trophies currently. Definitely agree it should only be limited in that sense. but they could make it so different tiers wont stack with each other in the same house. Or rather only the highest tier would be active, and overwrite the lower tiers. So you could start off making three of the basic of each trophy. Then slowly work on getting each one to Major.