Houses still not fixed on EU after the rollback... 2 + weeks now fix this ffs


I have the same bug for weeks. It seems devs just don’t care anymore at this point.

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If I abandon this house… and purchase another house in Everfall can I then place furniture? At this point I cant be arsed or trust that AGS will fix this, I’d rather just cough up the money to replace all my trophies and purchase another house and fix it myself. I don’t want to abandon house and pay all that money if it isn’t going to fix the issue though.

I had the same problem. I gave up on a fix, abandoned that house and bought the same house again. It worked for me.

i have the same issue. it was supposed to get fixed. it did not get fixed.

What about the furnitures? Have you had any in the house prior to abandoning? If yes did you get them or lose them?

Massive issue.

But you’ll probably need to get in a long line. I’ve long since given up on them ever fixing the major connection issues I have had since 1.0.3 when they clearly botched their netcode to prevent exploits, inadvertantly rendering the game unplayable for me a lot of the time.

Not preaching on the basis of “yeh but what about me” but I am saying they’re really not scoped down to this sort of issue level and haven’t been since launch.

Sorry, but my house was automatically added after the Rollback so I had no furnitures yet.

Ok so i fixed the bug by abandoning and rebuying the house… this cost me 20k and I still don’t have any of the trophies or chests so i had to rebuy them all.

Super unhappy that I’ve lost over 100k+ to fix a bug AGS incapable of fixing.

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