Housing - 1 Crafting Station

Big brain thoughts:

  • A single crafting station allowed in a house of any size, 2 if its largest

  • Allow these stations to be similar to trophies with varying quality, etc

  • By keeping it only 1 or 2 stations, it’d force players to still use other stations within town

  • There could be applied (but greatly reduced) crafting tax

  • Late game only regardless of tier, recipes and mats all late game to craft said stations


In my personal opinion I always thought that a system such as the following would be awesome…

  • Furnishers whom are 200 undertake a legendary quest to travel the world and learn the secrets of craftsman of a given trade to unlock a single crafting station recipe that they “Master”. Think the legendary weapon quests but 1 for each type of town station.

  • Part of the recipe to craft these stations would be the Major trophy component you used to make the major trophy.

  • The stations would function as a major combat trophy for that crafting type but not count against the trophy limit. For refining stations this means it counts like a major harvesting trophy for those materials.

  • In addition to the trophy effect these stations also have an additional effect:

    • Crafting Stations: always active effect that duplicates the effects of an active town buff but does not stack with the town buff.

    • Refining Stations: always active 10% accumulation bonus that stacks with all other buffs and effects.

  • In medium houses you would be allowed 1 station and in large houses 2 stations.

  • Your only allowed 1 station of any type in all your houses.

  • The bonuses only work when using your station in your home.


Or at least allow houses to provide the same utility as camps. A T1 house would start with T2 camp capabilities with a T4 house being the same as a T5 camp

I like these suggestions, please keep them coming!

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Nice suggestions, kudos!

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