Housing and Settlement Tier Interaction

I wanted to discuss a rather untouched topic by the community,
Player Housing! but not only its benefits, but also its rather unexplained interaction with future content.

So as far as I know, Settlements go up in Tier as they get better stations, if anyone knows the exact thresholds required for each Tier please let me know.

  • Hamlet Tier 1
  • Village T2
  • Town T3
  • City T4
  • Capitol T5

I’ve never seen any of this documented anywhere, perhaps its beacuse most of this is unexplored due to the betas lacking enough time to actually progress through its stages.
I myself have never seen anything over a Village, and as I was buying a very beautiful house in Winsward I though to myself, “Damn, the view over the vilage walls is amazing” , Brightwood, as a counter example, is also a village, but due to its geography, the balcony of the same tier4/model house was covered by wooden walls.

I assume that, beacuse settlements can downgrade, new houses arent added with the upgraded settlements, as when downgrading those would cause conflict.

What if I want my house for it’s view to the outside? is it something I should consider? could I maybe lose it when the settlement - (its walls to be specific) upgrade and cover it? Do i really need to worry for any of this?.

One thing I know is that when Monarch Bluff’s settlement went from hamlet to village, most of its houses became (appear) sturdier (maybe its my imagination, but thats what I remember)

If anybody knows, or has scene settlements upgraded to towns cities or capitols please let me know how they look, I’m really intrigued to compare them to their previous tiers as well, and how do those changes impact player housing!.


I too am very interested to find out, do settlements change in appearance as they level up? I’ve seen so far only hamlet and village and there was 0 difference.

I realllly reallllyy hope that the settlements look better as they upgrade, all that unkempt grass and stuff and shacks and “broken” houses that are boarded up and can’t be bought (I assume it’ll be a “business” thingy, npc stuff, that will be unlocked with tiers not actual player housing since that wouldn’t make sense).

Overall, settlements will incrementally change their appearance as they level up. They level up by the number and tier of upgrades to crafting benches . Similarly, the forts will upgrade as the siege equipment and gates are improved.

For example, there is no purchasable upgrade to the trading post but you can see it change as settlements attain the next ranks. You can see each of the crafting stations change as they are upgraded too. So over time, everything looks a little bigger, a little better until the entire settlement is T5 and considered a capital city.

However, I have never seen the houses change - just the environment around them. Hope that helps.

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