Housing and trophy

you can own a house anywhere as much as you can but you active only 3 and pay the upkeep for those only, so we can active/inactive which one we need, which will help us to follow the craft buff in every settlement.

for trophies increase the limit to active trophies for each house tier example ( house tier 1 only 5 trophies, house tier 4 only 15 trophies) or give us the ability to switch between trophies from BIO window


I am totally agree with you. Also, they can introduce a paid token to increase the chest limit. Because in reallity they need to monetize the game somehow.

Paid chest token = Increase the limit of active chests you can have.

Tier 1 house = +2 tokens
Tier 2 house = +5 tokens
Tier 3 house = +10 tokens
Tier 4 house = +15 tokens

Or it can be a chest and trophie token that increases the limits. I played a game path of exile and they did a great job with this. And this is not pay to win at all.

that looks cool! or maybe we can do that with territory standing

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Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback and I’ll pass your idea along.

@Wosd Thanks for contributing to the discussion. :slight_smile:

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Mira has the right idea. I think it can be a little simpler tho. Just let us buy as many houses as we want. That’s it. Everything else stays the same. Still only 3 of any kind of buff across all houses. Still with all the same FT cooldowns, storage, item limits, etc.

To Mira’s point, if you don’t want to pay upkeep on one or more houses each week (for whatever reason), that’s up to you - but if you do pay all, you should be able to benefit from all.

Player costs don’t have to change, so it no more favors wealthy players than the current system. If you have 3 T4 houses now, you could have 12 T1 houses for the same weekly in-game cost in the new system.

I think there’s some city owners that would really love this. It expands and spreads upkeep revenue across territories, and it provides them with an incentive to keep the town board projects and buffs active.

This idea really should be given some serious consideration.

This has already been requested several times and the Devs already know about it.

In fact, it’s listed here in the Wishlist of Changes for New World - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums.

The shameless “We appreciate your feedback and I’ll pass your idea along.” :rofl: :joy:

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Absolutely not, this game is one of the few good MMOs that doesn’t have any P2W/Pay for convenience. They’re making money on cosmetics + box fee (and prob expansion box fees).

Topic #69 about Housing and Trophies. #69 times this has been passed on. How many more times will the community post about things that have been posted to death already.

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switch from the BIO menu is best idea, also pay tax should be there.

bro this kinda suggestion been floating since a year ago, like early summer of 2022


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