Housing Decoration Score - Revamp

As others have mentioned please can we have housing score entirely based of decoration score or heavily weighted in this manner. Silly seeing so many houses with 10,000 plates and insanely high score when others have put so much nice effort in.

I’m not even massively into housing, but had a go yesterday and wanted to show a mate, but couldn’t even do that. Friend visit feature maybe?


I completely disagree with this.

The issue is already bad in that people are spamming the highest tier items into their homes so that their homes will be seen, without putting much effort into territory rep.

I personally like to make rustic looking environments which uses mostly tier 1 and tier 2 stuff. This means my home would never have the ability to be seen by the public if we went by your suggestion.

Bottom tier furniture needs more rep IMO. I personally don’t think furniture should have a tier attached to it, or at least not be calculated. There has to be a better solution.

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I agree with you @Knight.GB that it’s in dire need of a revamp! There seems to be an imbalance of weight between decoration and territory gain. Feels like no matter how much effort I put into my house, it means so little.

Not sure that the decoration score should make up all of the score but it certainly should make up more than it currently does. Most of the score seems to come from standing gain at the moment.

I’d also love to see a change to whose house you can view from the menu. I’d love to be able to see houses from people on my friends list or in my company. Just being able to see houses of those you are currently grouped with doesn’t seem to make much sense.

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Agreed, I don’t fully understand how it’s calculated considering that I had over 490K points yesterday and yet somebody with just over 200K points is the one whose house is showing, but I agree it should be able overall effort.

Simply basing it on decoration doesn’t guarantee a nicely decorated house. I see plenty of people slapping whatever furnishings they can.

In New World, housing is in itself a form of gameplay, it’s not a building simulator game, so I prefer points to come from a combo of decoration and territory points as it is now because it ensures the houses shown are from active players.

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No, basing your house on item level tiers is the WRONG way to go about it. It’s already bad that you see the same tier IV furniture slapped into most visible homes.

Decorating score should not be based on item tier alone, unless you think every house dolled up in goth furniture is your idea of good interior design.

Folks who like to make rustic homes and who decorate in a lot of tier 1 and tier 2 items (things that look like they actually belong in game) should not be at a disadvantage over someone who buys all their high tier stuff in the store, or who decorates in all tier IV goth stuff.

In fact, placing tiers on furniture was a bad design decision in the first place.


Tiers may not be the answer to this, there should not be tiers of furniture, kind of agree with you there. There should however be some form of recognition for people who put effort into their house if this Top 20 list is to exist. At the moment, it’s next to nothing. The Top 20 houses list isn’t a list of Top 20 houses by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not really sure it’s possible to objectively score what makes one house better than another house, it’s more than just the value of a single item.

To be honest, is the list in it’s current form really needed? Would it not be nicer to see a list of your friends and company members houses instead?

Another idea I had was to maybe have a guest book or something and let people who have visited, sign and write a note.

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I told my boyfriend the other day that I’d like a guest book that visitors can sign. I just hope people would be mature enough for something like that and not use it to troll or otherwise.

I also feel like furniture would be better off without tiers, that way people will decorate freely instead of feeling like they have to use higher tier items for points, but then that would put heavier emphasis on getting points from general gameplay.

Housing in this game is gameplay in itself. It’s like PvP, but for housing, and for those that care it has a competitive edge. I like it that way. Without housing I’d probably not be playing since 90% of what I do is for my house lol.

I can see why you’d prefer to see your own or someone else’s house though.


I like the guestbook idea. In concept it would be a fun thing to have. The issue is how to design it so that it is not gamed or abused by trolls.

I agree there should be a couple factors that weigh whether a house is seen or not, like how it currently works. I just don’t want to see furniture have a tier associated with it.

The issue with points being accumulated by visitors, is that its too easy to be gamed. Large guilds would score their own high and not the solo player.

In an ideal world, we’d have an employee, or team of employees at AGS who have design backgrounds, or who have a good eye for good interior design that would also score the homes, but even that would have issues. A low scored player might not understand why their home looks less than good, and take it out on AGS by not spending money, leaving bad reviews etc.

Its not an easy problem to solve for sure, which may be why the system is the way it is.

I just wish low tier furniture was more desirable to decorate with for those of us who decorate to make the home look like it actually takes place in game.


What if there was no Top 20 list of houses at all and just a list of company members and friends?

Guest book might work better there as only people who were in your company or on your friends list could see it?

Just trying to think out loud here :slight_smile: I am not sure how it’s possible to objectively compare houses with a piece of code since it’s a subjective thing.

AGS had a housing competition on social media a few months ago, it was a lovely idea and maybe something that could be expanded upon or run in the future to get more recognition of housing efforts. The publicly viewed house could be a competition winner or something designed by AGS themselves.

Regarding territory rep gain, you can just spam gold to complete task boards and crafting to do that. How is that fair compared to those that actually put thought and effort into decorating their houses.

Also only being able to see the top 20 houses is silly, why not a search function so you can check out your friend’s place? (unless I missed something here).

Not everyone who decorates their house has put thought into it. Some just fill it with high tier items for points. I put effort into decorating my house and then I play the game to get additional points.

It may be challenging, but those who put effort into all aspects deserve to have their houses shown. This isn’t Minecraft or The Sims Online (long dead game).

I like that housing in this game has a form of gameplay associated with it. You can see your friends house any time by grouping with them and then entering.

I understand where you’re coming from, I just don’t think housing in this game should be solely about decorating but about the combined effort of actually playing the game to accrue points as well. It’s an active pursuit and I spend a lot of time doing it.

This post is filled with great feedback on housing, so I will make sure it gets seen by the Dev team. Keep the comments coming! Take care all!

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They should add voting system.

Unfortunately, I could see this being abused and those in big companies could just keep each other perpetually upvoted.

The current system is at least based on personal effort and I’d prefer it stay the way it is now.

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