Housing Points - Broken Feature

Hi, I believe that there is something wrong about the way housing points are distributed.

I think that the “Territory Standing” should not influence the punctuation on the house furnishing.
It’s so unbalanced that things like this happen:

This house has around 30.000 house points:

While this house has around 5.000 points:

As a result, the first one is the one showed to the public when there are objectively better decorated houses that are thrown at the bottom of the list just because probably the territory standing is not that high for those people.

Doesn’t make any sense and totally demolishes any will to put any effort into Furnishing/House decor.


Hey at least you have a nice house for yourself to look at!

I definitely agree, the way housing points work needs to be looked at. It’s not high priority, of course, but it should be done eventually.

The main problem is that furniture doesn’t get you much points. In the placing menu look in the top right, there you will see the points your funiture gets you.

I placed chests, trophies, everything I found in loot and some crafting items from leveling the trade skill in my house which are around 30 to 40 items. And how many points do I get from it? Exactly enormous 300 points.

Even if I put in the full 200 items I could never challange the top owner with his 167.000 points.

This is so true - they should reward “fashion” points - not standing points… Of course it can also lead to a house full with randomly stacked high lvl items being higher than a well decorated house… but at least it would show some furnishing effort instead of territory standing.

Also extra points should be rewarded for using items from the same “set” or line… unless you are a profesionall decorator - items from the same set/materials will always look better together rather than a random slapped different gear put there only for getting points.


This. What’s the point even in placing any furniture if I just need a high Territory Standing level?
It’s bad because you walk around a city and you see that most of the displayed houses are literally full of random objects or even totally empty and ugly.

Why should someone even invest 1 single gold or time in Furnishing job when doesn’t matter at all if you have an ultra rare velvet bed or just five tier1 dirt dishes sets placed on the floor? lol

The whole game design concept is wrong here, let’s look at these two personas:

    1. It’s a person that does armorsmithing and weaponsmithing so does a lot of town board quests. It’s focused on crafting and corrupted portals. Their territory standing will be Very High by just doing these things and literally only owning a house with a single dog placed inside. —> High house points and even displayed to the public

    1. A person who actually cares about Furnishing their house so spends a lot of time crafting high quality furnitures and finding new recipes. Doesn’t do many town board because it’s not useful for their profession and closing portals doesn’t matter as well. Very low territory standing —> Low House Points and not displayed to the public

Adopt me, I’m homeless, I can craft for you :joy:

So I’ve been playing around with the housing points. RED- cannot place, YELLOW- negative points, GREEN- positive points. If you place 2 of the same item, FIRST- positive points, SECOND-no points. BUT if the second one is placed as yellow it will give negative points. NO POSH CURTAINS CAN GIVE POINTS ON WINDOWS. I think users should be able to VOTE for the house they want displayed to the public, SCREW points!

Bumping up this again.
Lately I focused on trying to increase my house points, I have mostly TIER IV forniture, which is quite expensive. Today it said the points were reset, well, it’s completely broken.
Let’s look at it another time:

This player has more than double my points.

My decoration score is:
2021-11-01 13_17_31-Window
Now, I contacted them and they told me that they have a Decoration Score of around 300.

Then he told me their Territory Standing is 31. My Territory standing is 31 as well.

My house:

Their house:

You can clearly see that, apart from cash shop items, they have only very basic and cheap forniture. Plus they even said that their Decoration Points are literally more than HALF than what I get.

I just want to understand what’s going on here, why should someone even level up fornituring and get better items if that doesn’t matter at all? Can we get an answer please?

For all those players that are actually putting effort, money and resources into that part of the game.

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Ah so that is why I suddenly find my house showcased with only 2 dogs in it.


Congratulations you found another thing that is borked.

I also do not understand how the “rebalance” or “decay” of points works. For example, in one week my house is 90k points, next week it is 11k.

And it is true, just put stuff in your house to get points, quantity worth much more than quality.

Objectively better? The bottom one looks thrown in whereas the rugs are at least lined up… Simply spreading out the pay-to-win decorations in the bottom picture would likely yield a significantly higher score

Besides, we can’t tell if there’s anything in the backyard assuming this is the single floor cottage who’s Tier is more or less determined by the size of the yard

Nope, it’s not even about the quantity.
I am full of items I literally put all of them in the garden to have higher score and try to test this feature.

The other player has very few things as you can see from the screenshots and their garden is empty. So it’s definitely not that.

The only answer to this is that the “Decoration Points” that you see on the top right of the screen when you are decorating don’t matter at all. It’s just random. Which is sad.

its your alignment/orientation of your furniture… yours is all piled up on itself whereas arranging things in lines and grids yields a significantly higher score

That’s not true. You can literally see the screenshot in which the other player says their score is 300. While mine is 751.

The point is why a T1 item is worth so much. I agree that items bought from store should be worth the same point as a T1 and not the same as T2+ crafted or dropped from mobs or chests.

The screenshots have the store package items, but have a lot of high-level furniture crafts also.

you mean the screen shot of where they think its about 300? great proof, lol

anyhow, it IS true… move your stuff and watch your score jump up

my point is you’re missing the point… its not just the Tier of furniture but how its physically arranged IN your home… Move your stuff and watch your score jump

since a few are struggling with this: