Housing points is very buggy

housing points seem really buggy i log off one day with over 45,000 points and log in today with 11,000 whats the issue

They reset weekly and are based on your activity points in your house’s zone, not just your furnishings

i’m in and out of my house more than i’m at my the sheds

It doesn’t matter how many times you use your house – that’s not what activity means.

Activity is how many Territory Standing Points you earned in that town in the 48hours before the update. This is from all sources – fighting, gathering, refining, crafting, questing, and especially town board missions. If you earn a lot in one period, your score will be high. If you do less in the next, your score will drop.

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Wait so the house points has nothing to do with the furnishing ?

Thats disgusting to say the least.

Im high lvl now so basically it alway’s gonna be some low levels showing in the Houses because they are doing activities in their low lvl territory lol

Well, it’s not nothing, but it’s much more how much town standing you’ve earned in the last 48 hours.

I ran a test for the last four days where I recorded how much town standing I earned in each period.

In the first one, my house deco score was 686, and I earned 74750 standing, and got a score of 591066.

In the second 48hour period, I’d decorated up to 750, but only earned 43649 standing, and my score dropped to 279936.

So even though my decoration went up, the score dropped.

Wich is why I think it’s a really bad system. If it’s working like this im just gonna ignore it and not care.

Who cares who got how many standing in a zone ? that’s mostly gonna be low level people new to the zone.

If the house system isnt by decor points then it’s USELESS. What use do I have being lvl 60 doing anything in brightwood ? Im doing all my stuff in shattered mountain to progress.

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