Housing Points not working

Is there an issue with housing points currently? I have a stacked house with the most points but am not showing up on the owner’s list. I purchased this house after patch and have way more decorations then the #1 spot (who has an almost empty house), but I’m not even on the top 10 with 200k+ points. Any ideas?

Out of so many game bugs, this is your problem. I am pretty sure devs won’t even check this.

Don’t they only calculate once a week? like Tuesday or Wednesday. I am pretty sure that you will be number 1 after the new rescore. Also remember that it takes into account what you did in that Zone for the week as well, so if you aren’t doing things there it hurts your score.

They do. However I have seen it bug to where the current highest total isn’t the displayed house on numerous occasions.

It’s showing a reset every 48 hours, twice it did not take my points into consideration. It’s gotta be a glitch/bug, oh well my house is sick :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you very active in that town?

Your housing score is only good for having it multiplied by your activity in that zone, but your activity ends up being much more important than the decoration score.

You need to do more quests in that zone, you need to do all your crafting/refining in that zone and so on. If you do all this, then all those activity points get multiplied by your decoration score for a final total.

Yeah, we own WW. I do townboards for upkeep, my crafting, and all TP purchases/sales there. My score is 256,375 and first place is ~54k

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