Housing Points - scoring?

How do they work? I used to have over 200k. I just want to know how this works so i can make it go back up.

It’s tied to predominately, your standing in that territory and your last bump of level.

Huh? Last bump of level? What does that mean?

Sorry i’ll be a bit more detailed.

Your housing score works off of 4 things…

  • Furniture quality in house (positive modifier)
  • Putting multiples of the same item (negative or no modifier)
  • Placement of items. Yellow overlapping items give negative results. (negative modifier)
  • Your levelled territory standing for the week. Unfortunately I don’t know what day this resets or how much the points given equate to but i’m going to assume it’s 50k per newly obtained level. (Positive modifier).

So to have enough to display your home to the public on your server, you both need to have high quality non duplicates of items in your home but also level your territory standing in that zone that week through town board quests, taking down corrupted portals, etc.

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Greetings @anon94776661,

While our friend @Doovies makes a perfect explanation of how the housing points system works, let me elaborate just a bit further to make sure you can be ready to build those points back up.

Players can increase their Decoration Score by placing valuable furniture and decoration items, which can actually be seen in the top right screen corner in Decoration Mode.

As @Doovies mentioned, it is also important to note that placed decorations/furnitures shouldn’t overlap each other, as this will result in a decrease of Decoration Score. This Decoration Score combined with the recent increase in Territory Standing that the player has achieved (for example through Town Projects) is the basis for the overall House Points. Meaning that you would need to continuously increase your local Territory Standing to stay at the top of the Points list.

For example: Let’s say last week you achieved 5k in Decoration Score, plus you got 10k worth of territory standing. Your Housing Points will be 15k.

This week you leave the house exactly as it is so you will still have 5k in Decoration Score, but you start questing in another zone, hence you get no territory standing where your house is. Your Housing Points will be 5k.

Hope I was able to clarify your question just a bit further!

Thanks @Doovies once again for your terrific explanation.

Wish you both have an awesome week and good luck in Aeternum!


And is there a decay timer on points? I used to be several hundred thousand points before. i got 50something standing and 875 decor score. Now im down at 34k points.

Not so much a decay timer, but actually a weekly reset on the territory standing points you earned trough the week.

so each week you will see a dip in points as a result of reset? hmm interesting. i feel like there should be an in depth explanation of all this inside the game. or is there and im missing something? i feel like there should be more detail about this. i like pvp, but i like housing leaderboard pvp just as much and i really want to understand it.

so if, lets say, i got 10k from standing last week and the week resets, do i lose ALL of the 10k i gained because it reset per the weekly reset? or does it drop by a %?

Thank you for the info

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You lose all territory bonuses points after the week has expired.

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I understand there is a tracking for the house points and that many factors influence the points. Last night before I logged out of game I had approx 26k house points, this morning I sign in and my score went down to 314 points. What would have caused the drastic reduction, the timer said 6 hours to go when I last checked it.
Thank you

It resets each week. Not that it matters, the housing feature is broken. Don’t waste your time.

Bummer about it being broken, I really like to decorate. Thanks for info. :slight_smile:

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