Housing tax Issue

I believe that if a player does not pay their housing taxes it should force their pvp flag on without any option to disable until they pay their tax.

Ooooh ok I kinda like this idea, not gonna lie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Therefore increasing, even more, the amout of abuse and toxicity territory owning companies can have on the rest of the server.

No thank you.

I’m a big fan of open world pvp… but I also like that people can choose to do their thing.

There are some days I just feel like chopping down wood without worry.

There are some days, I slaughter in Shattered Mountain in PVP

I have a visceral reaction to this “suggestion”.


survey says XXX

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Yeah because enough people haven’t uninstalled this heap of shit already because of the fucked up tax system! Good plan there gump.


Gotta be British navy, you wouldn’t survive two minutes in the us

I would ask if you’re stupid, but seem just ignorant - pass.

Forcing anything upon anyone is gonna backfire, did you know? As much as PvP players are wanting to have content, we need people actually playing the game, rather than them leaving it. Otherwise we will end up having pure hard-core player base that does what they are being told to do, play the game in a way the dev-team tells them to, and essentially fills their pockets with money. The reality is, however, that those who have - at the very least - a job, and (imagine) a partner - they will just straight up leave.

Perhaps you might not have noticed we had lost over 800K players already.

There are much better ways to make PvP more meaningful.

After seeing this and some of your posts - well, at least AGS have you for a long ride.

I believe in order to pvp, you must farm mats and have to craft an orb. Every time.


Casuals don’t belong

NOT !!! I bet your the greedy SOB that thats all are areas at max 10% ! and it never changes !
I think they need to remove House Tax !!! YOU want to play PvP Go play a FUL PvP game and leave Pve’s Alone !

That was a sad attempt. Even for you. Lol

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