Housing Tax - It's taxing to keep up with it

I speak for myself and only myself and do with this as what you will.

The housing tax was amusing at first and slowly I thought the burden of paying this would ease, as in real life. The difference is I go to work 5 days and week because I have to pay my bills and feed my fat ass. Why are we replicating this in a game where I am meant to be escaping reality.

I have a house in Windsward
31% Tax Reduction from town rep
My Faction also owns the town
My Company does not.

Every time my housing tax is due It kills me inside a bit knowing that 700 gold is just gone for no reason. You essentially only have a house for extra storage and the trophies. It just seems a bit meh to keep paying this and I just don’t care for it? It’s not having any positive impact on my gameplay at all.

I just ask you make paying your bills once a month like in real life, or half the cost of housing. As a player who plays with a small group of friends, it really is taxing… to pay the house tax.

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IMO taxes should be reduced to 20% of what we pay now. Its bad game design .End game content is not paying taxes.


Sell all your goods . Keep that as your tax fund . Don’t touch it . That’s the best way to manage tax ongoing especially if you have times you can’t play.

I don’t like the tax system either but they are adamant they don’t want everyone owning three houses and envision it as a side perk for territory owning Companies .

Try having to pay in after 3 days vs the recently increased 7. :frowning:

No response on this and the lost coin it costs due to the time skips.

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Exactly, I don’t mind paying it as like an immersion thing, but when I have to think about it, it becomes a bit of a chore.

If I don’t pay my taxes I want a landlord to hire some men to come and kill me or something, you know haha!

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I’m very active when after work most days and I try to “get something done” each day but not everything yields 700 gold.

I’m on a low pop server, 220 people log in at peak and it’s a real struggle to make large sums of money to make tax feel like loose change. It’s just a bit too much I think.


It’s all about fun. I’ve heard exactly zero people (maybe some company boss, somewhere) saying how cool the tax system is. I’ve heard many more say something like… this isn’t fun… this feels like a job or a chore. I don’t want to grind gold to grind gold. I don’t want to pay bounties to join dungeon runs.

I respect NW for trying different things, but there is a lot in this game that feels like systems that should’ve been tried and denied in alpha/beta testing.


Man we need server so bad . Alot of issues are really magnified by low pop server


I agree. I crafted everything I could with my resources and sold what I had left. I plan to abandon the house and just say F-It. Like the poster above, I am stuck on a low pop server and I have a job/family so I can not devote 8 hours a day to try and make the money to pay the taxes. I am also not level 60 yet so doing the faction dailies only nets me about 30 gold at my current level.
Thanks to the crafting nerf and the housing tax, I am done with those aspects of the game.


lol buy a smaller house.

I understand the mechanic is meant to play together with the other settlement mechanics, and that setting taxes is meant to entice players to buy in a settlement, however, one you bought your house, you also tend to feel stuck as you can only abandon. It is these two factors put together - the weekly tax and on top the risk it might increase even further (!), then being unable to just move, the way you can move your crafting and trading to a cheaper place.

My first house has been a t4, because I thought it was smart to use the 1/2 price on a big home, so I did grind the standing - just to end with a property which has felt like a rock tied around my neck. I will be abandoning in favour of a t2, but it hurts to think I get nothing back, while same time the tax harrows me every week, and even with the first 3 daily factions quests giving 3 times the gold they state - it feels unrewarding and depressing.

I am 791 hours into the game, but I have played it casual, as in I went to explore, I did not race to cap, I did not level a particular crafting skill to 200 to get early bird benefits of selling for high prices. I just want to enjoy the game in a relaxed fashion, pve and pvp, not make my every move dependent on having to grind gold to pay my housing taxes, with no guarantee they won’t possibly rise through the roof. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for players with less time available. It forces a game style, where it should not.


Not an option, I need the storage space as I craft here and its where my mats I need are, I am very organised only having stuff I need but I still have a lot of it

I am not a house owner but fail to see benefit of owning if your just house poor to store a few more trinkets and reduce azoth costs which I don’t care about anyways.

The repair costs for gear have skyrocketed beyond any MMO I’ve seen. Think I spent 300+ gold and like 150 repair parts from one Depths run and I didn’t die. Aka we already work enough in real life and shouldn’t have to in a game we want to enjoy but these costs are discouraging.

You would hate my server (Xibabla, or something like that). A big company is taking over the towns one by one and maxing the taxes and other costs. Its driving folks away from the game and AGS does not seem to care.

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New Update: Housing Tax is lowered by 90% until Dec

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Yes, I have heard that from some other servers as well. On a high pop server, I’d say the mechanics can work, players will band together, rebel and so forth, but low pop servers are extremely vulnerable. Merges hopefully will aid, and on the long run, the housing tax might feel less of an issue, but this is early game and I believe it has contributed to players being driven away, even more so players who looked forward to housing in NW.

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Oh that’s a big relief. I just checked and it affected my elapsed tax as I was grinding the coins to buy t2, then abandon the t4.

I am very glad the devs have listened, because with all that’s gone wrong with the economy, this was needed to be revisited.

Big kuddos to the devs on this :+1: :gift_heart: and let’s wait and see how changes will affect future ingame income, and the taxes due to it.

yup, our team has had enough of the fracking you over aspect. i paid taxes twice in one week due to the server time lapse and cant sell any furnishings to get it right. Now they are treating it like real life and we will give the people a tax break so they seem to pay less and then the companies get richer. This is a unique aspect of the game to have towns controlled by factions but it is failing and part of the reason of economy failure. It is sad as the game had merit but with all the undocumented changes in 1.1 and this once more whimsical change to appease themselves. It was the final straw for our group. I dont spend 12 hours a day on weekends grinding chests and gold to find out they lowered the chest rewards, shut off the Beasts dropping quints and gold dumbdown to keep us poor. I may watch the dev notes for what little they put in and maybe a streamer to see what ones not on their payroll appease the game but way to many hidden changes for their pleasure yet to many visual issues. I wish them luck during the holidays cause they are going to need it. Too much bad press is out there that we asked three friends if they were picking up new world and the answer was "prob not, it is worse then WoW "

Did they hear me :hear_no_evil: !

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I think the main problem the game is seeing is that all these actually amazing mechanics are about a game which does not exist yet.

  • Economy has to stabilize

  • Dead servers taken care of

  • Varying ways to gain gold have to be available, instead of pressing players into a limited amount of options/playstyles to achieve gold gain, ie new engaging content in the future

  • In a year, players will have grinded the standing for tax relief, lowering their taxes considerably, but these are early days and a casual player wants to explore the map, which means a lot of time spent on running about, not necessarily focussing on gaining standing in their chosen territories, gathering to level their crafting and so forth - in a year all this will look and feel different

The game mechanics are designed for this game to be great once time has passed, but right now, definitely some of these mechanics feel cumbersome, frustrating, even depressing.

Btw, PWI had territory wars (still has, I’d say), and taxes did affect travelling costs, as far as I am aware, but one never really felt the impact, and there was no housing, and crafting was unaffected, as far as I recall. New World has taken the concept and expanded it, which I generally think is fantastic, but the game needs time to mature, and we are suffering through its birthing and teething pains in the meantime.