Housing tax needs to be changed

Character: Heals All Squish
Server: Ys East us
Taxes need to be lowered on housing in general-
The companies on the Ys server called Forever Flagged & Mageball for the Covenant used the ice gauntlet lag exploit to win the war and take Everfall and Windsward at the end of last week. In doing so they also raised town taxes higher to spite people. I went from a simple 720s tax to well over a 1000. Why should we have to pay exploiters tax money for something they didn’t earn legitimately.


Your complaint doesnt adress why tax needs to be changed.

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Neither does your remark

It should have served as a hint as to you making some more reasonable statement other than “i have to pay more tax because the territory ownership has changed and so has tax rate”.
This is no reason to be asking for a tax change, in fact, it is exactly how tax works: it is set by the company in power.

So that the cheaters can suck the gold out of you, Steal it from the Company, disband the Company, then transfer to another server with it. That’s what they have been doing all over the servers.

But I agree with you about the tax needing to be lowered. Gold is hard to come by unless you cheat it seems.


OP is correct. I think the tax rate should be static, set by the game… and much lower.

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I agree that Housing Tax does need to be changed but your main reason seems to be that cheaters are using it to make money.
That’s a separate issue.
Cheaters need to be permanently banned for cheating, and in this case, griefing.

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Cheating/Exploiting and griefing are 2 seperate issues.
Cheating/Exploiting is pretty obvious and should always result in both a Prime AND a Steam band,
but griefing could only be an argument if he was the sole house owner in that reagion and the tax set to max just to make him miserable. Otherwise tax is system implemented to the game as it is and for a matter of fact has its reasons to be changeable: because you might want to push people out of one reagion to develope a different zone - or to lure them there with lower rates instead.

If they won legitimately and set it high, other players and factions could also legitimately win it back and disgruntled members of the owning company could leave and switch factions. But when multiple companies and their members cooperate to do this, it is no longer intended competitive gameplay but coordinated griefing.
High taxes also affect the ruling faction and their company, so it is unlikely that they themselves have properties or care to pay taxes on any properties they own.

You dont seem to be a person driven by a desire to be competitive.
But in fact this is all the game is about:
driving others out of their “homes” while managing to keep that home alive.
Running a city costs money, and ideally you dont want to spend your own money for it, because this wouldnt be profit but a loss.
Not paying your city upkeep results in downgrades, making you lose your defense and crafting options, which then makes you lose the city or make you need to pay fees in other cities.

This is irrelevant to this particular case.
What the OP describes, others have described as well. Those players raising taxes are probably going to collect all the gold then transfer out to another server with the free server transfers.

Example: Bans NEEDED for immunity exploit - #9 by harmlesscrazy

But the exploit is its own problem.
Even if they didnt raise taxes, or lowered them, they still need to be punished.
It is 2 seperate cases.

  1. exploit
  2. taxes

This is affecting me currently. 20% taxes due every 4 days?! I have 10 hours to pay 1700g or lose the use of my storage and fast travel to Everfall. If someone doesn’t take over the town in very soon I’m going to be transferring servers asap.

Not every game has to be competitive, and not everyone wants to deal with it especially the PVE/crafting players. Forcing competition on people that don’t want it will kill the game, especially when people have and always will use exploits to win (which isn’t being competitive, its being a child).

If a bad government take the power, things go downhill fast.

I support the option to be able to sell a house.

people shouldn’t have to abandon/sell houses because PVP players want to be douchebags to the PVE/crafting players.

Not everyone is a statement, that has lead the game to be what it is: a shadow of its former self.
But as a matter of fact: this game is still PVP centric, which means, you have to adapt or accept.
There is only 3 options for AGS to choose from:
remove PVP and consider this game a design fail (yet again)
remove PVE and consider this game a financial fail (yet again)
keep it running and pretend this game can still be a success (most likely)

You have to most toxic mindset I have ever seen. go find a different post to throw your 1 sided beliefs on.

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