Housing TAX too high on base value

The housing tax were quite high values for what it is.

Unless you have duped coin have a huge gild to support you 80% of players can’t afford a house in regards to keeping up with maintenance of taxes.

Having to farm specifically coin to pay at the lowest 3 houses 1500 coin a week and on high values over 6k its mental.

Those few weeks with low values for taxes were amazing and bearable.

The taxes are based on getting originally coin on every kill in New world after that is not the case and the influx of coin is low please re evaluate the housing tax values.

After playing the tests and having over 800 hours in the game I can afford it but am looking a many people struggle. The game is to be enjoyed not meant to be tedious.

The original buy cost is an expense the weekly tax after that is too much.

I am not saying remove it or keep it as low, I am strongly recommending to lower it from the base values.


I can afford three of the smallest as a solo grinder.

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I agree, and I can’t understand AGS here. They offer furnitures in the shop, but discourage people to buy more or bigger houses.

I can too that’s not the point !

Yeah it’s nuts. It costs around 18k a month at 5% tax to sustain 3 T4 houses.

That doesn’t include the tax reductions possible from settlement standing, but it’s still a ridiculously high amount that’s way outside the average player’s ability to sustain.

Unpopular Opinion: the should revert the change that not every mob drops some kind of coin.
It is clearly that at lvl 60 the income is reduced to basicly only outpost rush and those 3 faction missions. The very few crafters or market manipulators being able to turn a fortune… well probably spend most of the day just doing market analyses.

I havent bought a house yet with my second char (lvl 50) why should I? Before I dont hit lvl 200 in crafting it is pretty much just a hole in my poket eating up coin I dont have.

I have 2x T1 and 1xT3.

I was always able to afford housing rent pre 90% discount even when it was on the 5 day timer.

The lack of housing taxes/bonus gold generation for companies have led to an inflated economy on high pop servers.

The taxes might be too much for many people on low pop servers due to a difference in global coin generation rates. However if you’re on a server that has more than 400 players concurrently on the low end you should be able to afford the taxes without too much effort if you play regularly.

Outpost rush is an obvious (although slow) option, participating in the economy is probably the best route for most people. Just spend some time doing an activity people don’t want to do and you’ll make a killing… e.g harvest bullrushes, azoth water. Heck chop some aged wood , maybe pick up beeswax and honey. All these activities can pull in substantially more than 1000g in under an hour on a high pop server. The money is out there just do an activity that is profitable.

Also you should make your own repair kits, those are seriously underrated.

I just want to remind everyone right now that taxes are at a 90% discount. You guys can do the math. I bought three houses just for the travel, but I doubt, with my playstyle, I will be able to sustain all three, even the lowest ones, onces they raise the taxes back up.

So basically for a casual has to play to just about afford housing… What about professions gear and all the rest of it… House taxes are too high for what it is.

I am. Not saying people can’t afford it (most can’t). I’m making over 10k a day after a 7h farming session of mats that I have left over but for the general public and the none hardcore gamers the tax values are too high

Low pop servers actually have better coin generation per player though the town upkeep taxes are harsher. Reasion - large percentage of population can join in all available wars and invasions as these are the top 2 coin producers for a player’s time.
My prediction is that post server merges there’s going to be another coin crunch since there’ll be less wars and invasions per player though it’ll take a while to manifest after the past month’s massive coin influx through housing taxes.

The point is affordability. I’m addressing that point.

Actually, I think the entire housing costs itself should be reduced.

The base cost for a house should be 1k, 2k, 3k (small, medium, large).
The base tax should be 100, 200, 300g a week (small, medium, large).

Houses should be limited at 1 per a player.
Houses should be limited to 1 chest

  • chests should be increased in their lbs by 50% of their current value)
  • some new gui related features should be created to help improve the organization of the storages/chest storage Or storage itself should have “tabs” like guild banks in wow.

A few reasons for this change.

First, houses are important for player-expression. The high gold costs/upkeeps are really hurting that.
Second, owning many houses cause players to feel many guilds
Third, owning many houses break up guilds significantly and prevent them from being organized and stationed in an area
Fourth, more people having access to houses helps validate furniture profession more.
Fith, houses are not teleport pads. Period. The fact they are being used for that is silly.

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There should be no tax period. there should be no town owned by any players period. Only forts should be owned.

No, thats not true. The guilds need ways to generate income.
Trade tax should be yeeting into the void for the purpose of preventing inflation.
Crafting/refining tax simply generates to much, and it should a be yeeting into the void because of that reason it provides huge potential FOR LATER economic control. disable it now, yeet into the void later.

Tax the 1%! Where’s our coin! No more taxation!

Refining tax
Crafting tax
Trading tax
Housing tax

The companies the govern Everfall and Windsward bring in a million coin a week. While we pay 0.25-0.5 coin on a 1 coin sale. Stop the oppression!

The devs created the false need for companies to need gold…they can come up with something else…

Like taking those boxes scattered around used in pvp quests and making them randomly bursting with gold, your companies can fight over them, then you pvp can go to town and enjoy killing each other.

And taxes can be removed.

Please don’t restore tax values back to the old level. I personally love the 90% off but I can understand some middle ground level. Taxes at normal value are too much of a stress for many people, myself definitely included.

In general I think taxes should be greatly reduced and companies should not get much from them at all. IMO the whole system should be reworked so that companies don’t need to pay insane taxes themselves and owning a territory should be mostly normalized across the board. Companies should be financially rewarded for upgrading their towns regardless of use, not rewarded solely based on use.

In short:

  • Remove the need for companies to pay taxes on territory
  • Greatly reduce taxes paid by players
  • Further reduce the percent of taxes that go from the player to the owning company
  • Remove configurable values for taxes
  • Balance it by rewarding companies for owning upgraded towns (mostly ignoring use of the town by players since that’s not something companies can control)

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