Housing Taxes - AGS is showing untrusting behavior

Honestly, you just sound salty. The fact that y’all flagged my post as “spam” just means y’all can’t accept that the information was out there and you didn’t want to take the time to inform yourselves. That’s pretty sad and y’all just sound salty.

I’m done entertaining replies to the comment, though. Stay safe and covid free.

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That is a good contrast to my experience, t4 house in WW, 700+, but my own territorial standing is 69, rather than 164, so 95 additional TS is just going to cut my taxes by 1/2? Hell no.

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I feel your pain, and agree that the taxes need to be set back to the 90% discount we had over the holidays, until a better system (that MUST include a way for casual players to achieve housing tax exempt status) can be coded in.

Well said. If I can ask, how much time can you pry away per week to actually be able to play?

Company controls the taxes, maybe you should move out if they squish you way too hard? It would save you money in the long run. It is everyones fault that you build and live only in WW and EF

Well im not terribly IT literate - but I don’t think I’ve flagged your post as spam - I just gave a counter view and questioned our understanding of transparent. As a rule - I don’t answer Spam :wink:

Stay safe and COVID free too :wink:

Wait for a DEV response. doubt it will happen.

Best thing to do is completely remove player influence from Settlements.
Solves this issue, and a lot of other issues and exploits immediately.
Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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Doesn’t get any better than this :smiley:

I was mistaken about my original comment being flagged. Someone responded something about how 10% shouldn’t be allowed so I commented back that percentages were irrelevant to my first comment.

It wasn’t spammed, but people flagged it anyway and I’m not entirely sure why. When I read the email, I thought my original comment was the one that was hidden, not the one about the irrelevant comment.

People will try to hide or block anything that doesn’t agree or support their narrative of views. It’s pretty sad.

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They (AGS) have not put it to 10. they allow a corridor which’s max is 10. it’s a company decision to maximize the amount they can squeeze out of the house owners…

I agree the territorial ownership has to go in it’s current form, but before that takes place, what about my idea up thread?

Hang on a min.

Housing taxes has been in the game since the start. Even before the winter event, we already had those taxes. It’s really unfortunate that the governing company had raised the tax limit high but that isn’t on the devs fault is it.

I’m not dismissing your grievances though, it’s hard to play an mmo that has some of its core mechanics under player control. But don’t spread stuff like AGS increased the taxes back up when all they did was revert back the taxes and even lowered it.

What AGS don’t realize is that most guilds who own WW/Everfall are already hated by the majority of players so they’re not going to reduce the taxes because someone is complaining about it on the chat.

“Move to a different city then”
If you could have a refund on the money you used to buy your house you could this easily and City Owners would be more careful with taxation.

The taxation system would work if it was half as low again (maxed out at 5%) and they allowed people to move if a company was ripping them off. Even put in a tiered cost to move that decreases as the tax rate increases ie 1 weeks rent at the lowest level of tax and 1 days rent at the highest.

As it is, the good feeling you get when you buy a house is dulled by the realisation that you’ll need to gring a couple hours every week just to maintain it.

3 houses = 6 hrs of grind ecery week = unhappy customers no longer logging on.

And to think it was once capped at 20% and had to be paid every 5 days. How could AGS get such an integral part of the game so badly wrong?

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Well um the DEVs kinda created the mechanism. So yeah it’s their fault.


They didn’t actually lower it. In fact, it’s higher.

At the start of the game there was a bug:

  1. Property Tax was not being applied to companies correctly and players were being charged more.
  2. They tried fixing it, and screwed up the compensation that companies got.
  3. They tried fixing it, and messed up the amount that players were charged.
  4. so, they decided to just cut down the taxes until they could fix it.
  5. Because there was no explanation into WHY they were doing what they were doing and why, and companies saw the percentage range change from 5% max to 2% max, and not understanding the system, all companies set their tax rate to 2% max. Because no one knew what was going on.
  6. Yesterday, they not only returned it all on, but the dev’s didn’t explain WHY IN-GAME, didn’t give companies messaging IN-GAME, and now all of the companies see a 10% max automatically and are unsure what to change it to.
  7. Servers who are fully controlled by 1 mega-company operating across all three factions are seeing 10% controlled across the map. thus creating an extremely toxic environment for anyone on that server.

bottom line… 10% is stupid. having to pay 5,000 - 20,000 coins up front for a house is stupid, if we’re having to spend 1.5K WEEKLY in "taxes. This isn’t a tax, it’s a RENT.

Drop the upfront costs, refund people who paid for housing, and call it a “Property Rent”

Or reduce the max percentage to 3%

Or adjust the TOS to allow people to be toxic AF and let the servers die in a flaming heap of fire.

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I mean if you bought a tier 4 house with 90% off taxes and expected it to stay that cheap and for territory owners not to screw you over, don’t blame AGS

Now this, I agree. 10% is stupid. I’ll support you 100% to lower housing rent/tax/dues.

That’s like saying, since ferrari makes fast cars, they should be held accountable for all the car accidents.

You were calling people bitches and punks…I guess when you do, it’s because you are a legit tough guy.

Sure. They get better gear and continue on with how they do things.

Nil desperandum carborundum :wink:

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