Housing Taxes Reduced. AGS Clearly hates the players without homes!

Read the title.

It’s just more AGS being biased against players who wish to use a playstyle that bypasses in-game homeownership or can’t afford it.

This company hates its playerbase!

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Gondor has no house. Gondor needs no house.

closing in on 400 hours of houseless play.

  • taxation is theft -

Hey the servers are back up. You can go troll /g now. :wink:


(I’m already in and farming. I can multitask)


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um ya Just logged on and checked my taxes for my t4 home in everfall Um 74 gold WTF???

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Alot of trolls today. Must be a bridge shortage



They are just taunting the people with no ingame homes by giving the homeowners all the benefits with practically no cost!


Love how I paid my taxes today before going to work!

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Taxation is theft --Murray Rothbard

Property is theft --Proudhon

There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. --The Kite Runner

(Yeah feels bad having paid my taxes last night.)


If you don’t want a home that’s fine but don’t ruin it for people who like decorating homes. It’s still sucking out a lot of my income every 7 days and btw house taxes pay for territory upgrades… so don’t troll home owners!

Keep reading their own replies. Pretty sure at this point it’s meant to be a joke.

Very Bourgious!

Just like an ingame homeowner. Taking those handouts and feeling like it’s normal.

Well… can’t see additional replies while typing one :slight_smile:

btw you can save a bit gold if you pay the tax when you’re back from work.
Just log out in the home and pay when you’re back.

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Homes are a pretty big part of the game and you are really gimping yourself if you don’t invest in some. T1 houses are still pretty cheap, even at max taxes.

Also now might be a good time to get a house in order to take advantage of the tax reduction

Uh… wut? I want 74 coin house tax. Lol.

This tax change is the sole reason I have logged back into the game.

I had written this game off about a week back until this.


well it got reduced until the “normal” Dec Patch …after that… who knows

I too am very confused by the thread title.