Housing Taxes Reduced. AGS Clearly hates the players without homes!

The worst with this change is ags is duping gold themselves with this change. I assume the compagnies will get same amount from taxes, so if you pay 100, compagnies will get 1000 ?

Not it is not.

What about companies running their own bots to generate income? Please for the love of god do something about the bots not nerfing stuff in game because you can’t seem to hire a few people to go ban bots.

so basically everyone just set housing tax to max then? people pay a couple percentage more and you make 20%+ more

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They should add that to the meme video…

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WTF are you talking about?

Here is the post. Why do they hate people w/o homes again?

Wait, im confused… so because dupers created $$ from thin air to inject into the ecomony… the solution is to give us reduced housing tax (great!) but then create more gold out of thin air to give to the companies that wouldn’t be making as much from houses? Isnt this just introducing more gold into the economy out of nowhere?

EDIT: I can’t wait to see the fallout if they put taxes back to normal… people already going crazy over taxes that they KNEW they would have to pay… but paying so little then for it to jump up 10x… yeah, thats gonna be an outcry…
If you leave taxes low, there should be some sort of house sellback function so those of us who actually paid attention to tax rates and bought smaller houses can then go and buy the bigger house that cost 50g a week now…

EDIT2: All companies should set houses taxes to the max since AGS is injecting gold into the economy like this to cover 90% of the tax bill…

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Already happening in my server

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But you cant place storage or trophy, usefull only for fast travel.

Is in wait they find a fix to the dupe, we cannot properly use our house.
If we buy one actually, we CANNOT PLACE any furnishings like storage or trophy.

For what they lower the tax you think? (just wondering)

You can gather green wood to pay for the first house in 3 hours. Then, put the trophy down for woodcutting and get that money back in 2.7 hours.

Also, fast traveling with houses is pretty damn cheap. No downside to having a house.

where ??? … I can buy green wood at 0,01 in the AH here … I trown thousend and thousends of it away when leveling my LJ …because it was not worth the time to haul it to AH …

In Sanzu it has sold at 0.30 historically. Now it’s down to 0.25 because I burned the market to the ground with it. Perhaps look at all the offer and buy off the ones who sell it at a loss (0.01) to level the price back up.

You people will complain about anything. Go back to facebook and rant about the government lol. Oh wait you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe I thought I was alone not paying abusive taxes for housing on this Tax Simulator

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Bad spaz, bad.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

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I believe this is just a post to complain about something. Storm, I feel you really dislike this game and will put it on full blast, just because you feel like it. There are things I like and dislike about the game, but guess what? Overall, it’s a pretty good game. I have an idea for you… For the next 5 days, get in a group run for Shattered Mountains. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to halfway, or completely, pay off your first house. Congratulations, you have a new home!

I feel this is a troll post, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Good luck and game on!

Why are you complaining? No house pay 0% tax. The lowest possible!

(To be honest, it was Satire- I implicated in subsequent replies that I have a house in new world.)

It’s making fun of both the “PvP luck bonus unfair” posts and the “AGS hates players because [insert any action]!” topics.

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So basically the housing tax is set at what it should have been in the beginning and only for a month? Who in their right mind would pay up to 20% weekly!