Housing Taxes Reduced. AGS Clearly hates the players without homes!

Does anyone have a link to the announcement or thread where the tax reduction was specified?

My taxes on my 20k house in WW is now 79 gold. Were we paying too much to begin with? If so can I have my money back? Bug?

Every week I feel like I am playing a new game.

lol so troll

You’d think with lower taxes that more trolls could afford to spend time posting instead of gathering gold to pay for their tolls.

Dude(et?) anyhow, be happy its changed. We all paid whatever it was or decided to let the house go unpaid until this point. So, given its change, I am happy to forgive and would suggest that anyone else that has paid the higher taxes try to keep a similar mind set. xD

another troll. Good job.

With today maintenance we also made one additional change:

Housing Taxes Temporarily Reduced:
To address the recent issue regarding duplications and exploits, we have temporarily lowered the weekly housing taxes by 90% until our monthly December update. We want to say thank you and we are sorry to our players who have been impacted by the recent issues. Company income from home ownership has been also raised to prevent loss of income during this period. This is a portion of additional compensation we will be rolling out in future patches.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Where are the real patch notes? Where is the transparency? This is no way to run a game.

Thanks for the compensation that should have happened weeks ago after ruining the economy, locking furnishings etc.

So many in my company are just tired of the inconsistency of the game. What happened to a sand box when you create rewards that are most easily gained by a zerg and then you try to nerf the zerg. This is called a railroad not a sand box. One track, one path. Boring.

Nerf the chests again and give all mobs another 1 million HP please.

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Ah nuts… It temporary and being used as a substitute for not fixing the duplication based destruction of the servers economy.

I withdraw any such enthusiasm I may have displayed.


Where was Gondor…

Gonna have to wait till next week, they mentioned no patch this week due to holidays. Also mentioned the chest neef was a bug and they will get it back

The worst with this change is ags is duping gold themselves with this change. I assume the compagnies will get same amount from taxes, so if you pay 100, compagnies will get 1000 ?

Not it is not.

What about companies running their own bots to generate income? Please for the love of god do something about the bots not nerfing stuff in game because you can’t seem to hire a few people to go ban bots.

so basically everyone just set housing tax to max then? people pay a couple percentage more and you make 20%+ more

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They should add that to the meme video…

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WTF are you talking about?

Here is the post. Why do they hate people w/o homes again?

Wait, im confused… so because dupers created $$ from thin air to inject into the ecomony… the solution is to give us reduced housing tax (great!) but then create more gold out of thin air to give to the companies that wouldn’t be making as much from houses? Isnt this just introducing more gold into the economy out of nowhere?

EDIT: I can’t wait to see the fallout if they put taxes back to normal… people already going crazy over taxes that they KNEW they would have to pay… but paying so little then for it to jump up 10x… yeah, thats gonna be an outcry…
If you leave taxes low, there should be some sort of house sellback function so those of us who actually paid attention to tax rates and bought smaller houses can then go and buy the bigger house that cost 50g a week now…

EDIT2: All companies should set houses taxes to the max since AGS is injecting gold into the economy like this to cover 90% of the tax bill…

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Already happening in my server

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But you cant place storage or trophy, usefull only for fast travel.