How about a Light Staff?

What do you think about light staff?
I tried to play it but it’s still bad because you get no exp from healing, just from attacking, which is kinda not logical. Also the heal is not even powerful enough to help someone, what is your opinion guys?

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Yeah, usually play a healer myself in MMO’s and have noticed the heals are a tad on the weak side and definitely think you should gain XP based on the healing. Otherwise that means that as a healer you basically will get zero xp in some encounters (depending on the group) as you may spend the whole time and all your mana healing. Do think the life staff needs some love, think the damage is ok so far but the healing is a tad naff.

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I think the problem is that in a the scope of PVP, when you have overpowered healing, you will be unkillable, and “pvp battles” will come down to healing fatique. I think the role of a support is to provide utility rather than topping entire people. That being said, It would be cool with some actual CC mechanics and meaningful utility, for sure.

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Yeah totally agree. It’s that age old issue that has struck many a MMO. The balance between PvE and PvP. Usually it’s a bit of a moot point as long as the mana pool (and regeneration) reflects a balance as then it just becomes a ‘known’ tactic of ‘healers first’ like you do during a PvE encounter. It’s a new game and no doubt this balance wills win back and forth for years to come ha! But, the one point I would still push is gaining XP from healing. The healing amount I can deal with by burning through mana.

Imo there isn’t really a way in MMOs around balancing abilities separately for PvE and PvP, that way they would have no constraints when designing new weapons and abilities.

I love the light staff, I am able to do my PvE, and PvP as damage, and healing. The patch earlier that fixed the healing also made the experience more enjoyable for me.

yup, completely true. There has been attempts in other MMO’s like in ESO a skill acts slightly differently between PvE and PvP but ESO has like 50+ skills to allow the user to target PvE or PvP. It’s a hard place to be in. Most common approach I’ve seen in MMO’s is to scale with mana as I mentioned before.

If people are wanting more healing then one of the options is lower the mana pool and increase the healing done or increase the mana pool/lower the cost (and actually lower the amount healed in one spell). Either way you basically are increasing the amount of healing done per 100% mana. You’re either going to get 10 spells off in a full mana pool healing total of 1700 health or your going to 14 spells off healing the same amount.

It all comes down to how much should/could be healed in a 100% mana dump then work backwards from there. It’s a pain in to work out and I’m glad I’m not the person having to do it as you always upset at least one group of people haha.