How about a little respect and understanding for the dev team

I would like to say that I feel the developers for this game are doing an outstanding job. I understand there are issues but the game works and it works nicely.

The graphics and depth of the game are impressive, I enjoy the game and I don’t get upset because of a few bugs, we can workaround most, if not all bugs.

I am asking the New World gamers to be patient and not be negative when something doesn’t work. Remember the devs are people like us and they have shown me over and over again that they will work overtime to fix the important bugs.

Remember this game does not have the monthly subscription model like most of the other MMO’s, so when comparing to other MMO’s keep that in mind.

The game will never be perfect, perfection does not exist, but it will come close.

Thank you devs for this great game and the hard work you have put into this work of art.


Is that a sensible intelligent gamer I see? People are ruthless and their expectations are far too high. If they really don’t like the game come back in a year or two report bugs don’t complain about something with no helpful information that’s not constructive.


Hudge budget and tesed for 10 years no the expectation wrn’t that high, tho yea there no need to harras anyone. With that say critisism =/= harras.

Except that the way that most people go about “criticizing” the devs or the game, are not critiquing the game or the devs, they go on whiny rants because they did not get their way when they wanted it.

There is a proper way to critique work, and very few on these forums understand this.


Thank you for a kind and thoughtful post, @verogregg. And thanks also to the devs. I too enjoy NW and appreciate your efforts. And as a fellow software developer (thought not in games) I understand what it’s like from the inside. Keep it at. You’ve got something here and I’m keen to see where it goes in years to come.


i can appreciate the work and the amazing sound design ambiance and many other things

i can understand and excuse a lot of their pitfalls and mistakes

i cant excuse their silence and slow reactions and inability to stop an issue (not just fixing it) before the damage becomes inoperable.


the rants, I can understand them being silly. But you better not be trying to sweep everything under the rug, because you’re going to need a bigger broom for that elephant.

Their actions have shown to have a bit of a bias streak going about, and it took them this long before finally admitting “Okay, Heavy Armor is not doing so hot”, which didn’t even factor in the NUMEROUS critique threads about Tanks being left in the dust, and how their DR system is shoddy at best, and terrible at worst.

The ones that are still here have been very patient. :sweat_smile:

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I appreciate and feel the devs are doing the best they can with probably a shitty engine not designed for MMO. I also think they generally care and want to make a great game.

Saying they are doing an outstanding job though? No. If this were anything but a video game it would be a disaster. Banking or financial software, something like space shuttle coding, PLC automation in a factory, building a bridge, anything… apply their “outstanding job” to anything and it would be a disaster.

Even for an MMO its pretty bad. I cant recall ever playing an MMO where things like Auction house had to be shut down for extended periods multiple times, or Azoth being just shut off being a key system for many things in a game and taking this long to fix, simple chat that doesnt work for shit a year after launch, etc.


even fluff wise the random names of items tells me they dont even have a design bible.

like come on.

how we get from azoth to gypsum to umbrals to ruinstone stop watches of all things, and Materia (which im actually not sure if square can sue for. i believe it has a general definition but iv only ever seen it used exclusively in FF)

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Please…just NO.
That being said, total respect for them, but let’s take off the rose-tinted glasses and admit that this visually outstanding game had (and still has) some of the biggest messed up issues I’ve ever seen in any mmo.


Care to elaborate on what the biggest current issues are in your opinion

really ? just found that they announced 2016 at twitchcon

Well, for starter I’m in this condition and simply cannot enjoy the game

After that, we could stay here and write a list of the issues we met since release (dupes, glitches, exploits, perks not working, etc) but the list would be too long I think.
Just take a look at the known issues for the last patch

The biggest issues have always been the game performances, with its absurd lag, desync and rubber banding.
What about the UI, simple interaction with npc glitching out cause of poor programming?
If you played a lot of mmos these things are really evident, you can’t miss them.
I played +2k hours, I loved it, its graphic design, the general mood, the combat system (even with its balancing issues), but from that to say these devs have done an “outstanding job” there’s a lot of terrain to cover.


Yeah I agree didn’t say that they’ve done the best job ever my main gripe is people who say desync is the worst it’s ever been and then don’t provide any evidence or the just flat out say the game sucks and don’t provide any suggestions on how to improve it or stuff like move ue5 or shut down, like that’s an option at this point. To think that they aren’t constantly modifying the engine for the game would be ridiculous it’s like they said at launch they could never had spawned a 200m thorpe in town without the server dieing but now that’s a thing and while I do hope you find out how to resolve your issues your having with the game right I can’t say I’m having the same issues because that would just be a lie.

I hope the devs take more risks and really step out on a limb to experiment with new MMO features and not bow down to the angry few.

The music addition was great, well polished, fun mini game, rewarding, something to focus on long term levelling…I’d take this addition over mounts, new zones and accelerators any day.

I guess if we’re still New World players today, chances are they’ve got the crowd that really appreciate the game for what it is and the dev’s effort that made it happen.


es una maravilla de desarrollo es indudable eso por un lado por el otro … no creo que deben de sacar la instancia nueva sin arreglar todos los bug que a ocasionado este envento es decir que esta ocasionando ya que las monedas doradas desaparecen ahi cola ademas de algunas misiones bug espero que se arreglen antes de que tiren el parche o mejor seria guardar la instancia y arreglar cositas yo por mi parte seguire jugando desde el minuto 0 asta el fin

me encanta New World mucho animo por cierto solo me sale caracoles a la hora de pescar jaja espaun de pezes de feria xD
un saludo cordial a todos gracias

Ask yourself this… if you bought a car and drove it off the lot, then started having performance issues such as not starting… or stopping suddenly while errors flashed on your dashboard… would you be mad about it? When you got back to the dealership and they said they’re working on fixes but it’s gonna be a year… do you find that acceptable business practices? People bought a product and for many it doesn’t work as intended. It’s a lemon. I enjoy NW but it has massive performance issues and when people try to get help… a lot of what they get is “???”


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