How about a little respect and understanding for the dev team

We all know we pay for NW beta 2.



I am sure the managers behind the developers are the problem.

It’s a business and in most companies it’s the leadership that causes the problems, not the engineers.

38 years of working in various companies have shown me that.


ehhh, I guess? I mean it’s the managers who did hire a dev team who has no background experience on MMOs…like AT ALL, and never studied it.

Stopped reading at “amazing job”

Lets see.

  • Dupes
  • Server lag
  • stuttering
  • rubberbanding
  • broken abilities
  • broken perks
  • exploits
  • azoth
  • weapon balance
  • crafting rng
  • server stability (DCs)
  • pvp progress track rewards
  • pvp crates rewards
  • communication with players
  • Boss loot tables

I could go on but, yeah sure “amazing job” in deed.


Sorry what?!

This has to be satire, right? Nothing has worked for a week. All that patient and understanding was for months ago. Time for replacements.

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I respect the devs and know they are working hard, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making mistakes. We give them free Q&A on the PTR and they ignore our feedback about bugs and release a bug riddled update where you can’t even do most of the content. Saying this is not acceptable from a customer standpoint is legit feedback that they don’t seem to listen to as it happens every update.

Having said that the people that post “put f@@king mounts in the game already” etc are jerks. Swearing for demands, calling the devs idiots etc is fully unacceptable. But so is ignoring our feedback, getting our hopes up about a huge update and then releasing it in a basically inoperable state. Both things can be true.


I logged to check the game after a while today after new patch. I still cant understand why the devs spend that much time creating instruments and music expansion instead of working on useful game mechanics and fixes.
This is absoulety wasting of time and resources.


That is a big head scratcher right. Lol.

Totally agree. I paid $40 for this game a year ago and have earned more return on hours played with this game than any other game before. Sure there are bugs and annoying things, but I’m a patient and understanding gamer and I don’t make them out to be more than they are. Which is a bug in a video game.

I appreciate the devs and the work they have put into the game making it better.
They have made so many QoL improvements as a result of listening to this community. The game is night and day better than it was at launch. Far less grind and friction. Crafting is way better and so are drops. Sure things like the azoth problem were annoying and effected the game for a few days, but in the grand scheme it was nothing.

Thanks devs for giving me thousands of hours in a beautiful and fun game.


Respect is not for free and has to be earned. And even though they’re making small improvements with every patch, it’s just not enough for people to truly trust and respect the development team.

Their track record of releasing broken, unfinished or stickly dysfunctional features and systems honestly speaks for itself. The game’s performance has been absolutely abyssmal for months and nothing has been done about it. Every feature they’ve ever released has introduced countless minor and major bugs, there is just no excuse or explanation for that other than that they lack the experience that every other development team seems to have.

If they truly want to earn our respect and trust, all they need to do is to just release better patches with less bugs and more focused content. Have a clear plan and execute it flawlessly, simple as that.


Tiltles have been intermittently bugged since LAUNCH. Think about that. Titles.

When anything new is introduced without a bug, I consider it a miracle.

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I am glad we agree on the game and you expressed your feelings very well.

Not everyone has responded positively but the fan base is growing.

My wife and I play this game together and she loves it more than I do

The music and fishing have made our game more enjoyable

Semper Fi


In my experience, people who say “respect has to be earned” are those who do the least to earn respect. You may be different but… just saying. It’s one of those phrases that seems to be most used by those who least believe it. Probably best not to use it.

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Not about earning respect or getting a pat on the shoulder, but honestly don’t know how much more anybody could contribute to the improvement of the game.

The community has put in more than enough effort into testing, providing feedback and making suggestions. It’s now up to the devs to follow through on the blueprint that the players put out there. So I stand by what I said, respect is not for free.


Whoever greenlit this patch to go live did not follow SDLC principles.

I did pay for a full game right? Dev team ain’t good but the worst one is management. They are the decision makers and they didn’t get one right.

You obviously dont play OPR/Wars because performance wise they are the worst theyve been since launch

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Fair enough. Your work is impressive, but I’m not sure I believe that you’re not expecting respect for it. It would be only natural to expect some respect for the effort you put in, even if only subconsciously. Nothing wrong with that.
Personally I’m uncomfortable when people talk about respect and requiring others to earn it - which stem from negative past experiences. But at this point I can’t find the words to elucidate my thinking so I’m leaving it there and bowing out.
All the best to you.