How about an Issue reporting/voting system?


I’ve been wondering with all of those feedback posted and how they are processed by the New World Team. It must be painful to farm that data into some reporting system etc. that is then queued up for dev team. Some issues are hard to reproduce and will get stuck in the system because it’s not clear what exactly needs to be fixed and so on.

My idea is that for all issues reported, players could cast their vote on what they feel is important and also indicate that reported issue also affects them. Number of votes available to each player would be something fixed, like 10 votes. Perhaps something that resets after each development sprint or what ever.

This would NOT be about class/weapon balance.

This would also call for improved reporting system that is better than forum posts, and people could find issues they are also experiencing and by a click of a button indicate that this also affects them and so on, even add more data to the issue if they feel that is needed.

What do you think?
I think this could be a win win for both us players and New World team.

Happy holidays :vulcan_salute:

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