How about better forums?

Could we add a few sub forums like:

Players Helping Players - for folk needing guidance and help on either content-related questions, or asking other players to verify if something is actually buggy or just off for you.

Company Recruitment - self explanatory

Storytelling/RP Forum - Give the RP people a place to help make the world feel deeper (say what you will, but I think stories told by other players help to build the flavor of the game).

Player Suggestions - This is not feedback, this is a venue for players to promote their ideas for game improvement and allow both staff and other players the opportunity to offer constructive criticism.

And yeah, I’m going to do it: Game/Staff Kudos - I cannot imagine how debilitating is is to go into work and log in and read abusive comment after abusive comment. Yes we have “fan bois” who will support the staff when folk get out of hand, but it might be nice for them to be able to hit a spot here that is void of the vitriol they’re getting everywhere else. I know people do post positive notes on General Discussions, but I think they get lost. note It is important to give feedback and make complaints, so that is NOT what I’m promoting here.

This could filter at least SOME of the GD stuff and make it easier to look through everything.

I’m sure you lot can come up with others.


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