How about think before you post? Human Beings are reading your words

This is not a defence of AGS, this is a direct attack on those people who are ignorant, rude and offensive to individual human beings.

I have spent much of the day on the forums just like the rest of you, I have complained. moaned and even provided smoke useful game feedback. What I have not done is called the developers ‘useless’, ‘dumb’ or told them to ‘f-off’ etc etc etc.

Most of you are decent people, even some of you who have been rude. You’re not stopping to think before you post is the only problem for some.

The people (and they are people) you are hurling abuse at are not ‘Amazon’ they are people like you and me with families, a dog, shopping to do, bills to pay, worries, cares and hopes and dreams. They laugh, they cry and everything in-between and they want to do a decent job when they go to work like we all do.

Please, try and avoid calling them names, swearing at them and throwing around abuse. Think about the effect of your words on human beings who will read some of this. Many of them probably stayed behind after work or came in early today, put aside things in their personal life like we all do when things go wrong at work.

Complain all you want and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t, you’re a customer you have every right to complain. I have no time for anyone who tells me not to complain! Just think about the people you are talking to and how hurtful words can be.

I know and appreciate what you’re trying to do; appeal on people’s better selves. I’m just not sure how useful that is. I’ll be quite honest and blunt: the crowd on this forum is probably the most selfish, entitled, and whiny that I’ve ever seen. Not even Reddit is this bad.

Many of the posts here provide valuable feedback or point out serious issues. But the way they’re written is awful. Instead of thoughtful and constructive feedback, issue reports, and well-thought ideas for improvement, it’s a toxic swamp. For some reason, users on this forum think it’s okay to behave that way.

And I’m sad to say that AGS isn’t really helping by staying silent. We need open and honest communication that goes both ways. I won’t say “we deserve” because that would be just as entitled as many people in here are. We cannot demand it, but we shouldn’t have to. AGS really ought to learn from others’ mistakes and success. It all boils down to one simple thing: Communication is key. Those who treat their community as partners, succeed. Those who don’t… well, they lose support and trust of their own players.

The way I see it, huge improvement in communication needs to happen on both sides, from community to AGS, and from AGS to community.

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100% agree, I myself have complained about lack of communication today. It’s just the abuse I find really worrying and embarrassing. I picture someone at their job working, thinking about getting home for their kids tonight and they glance over and see some of the comments on here about them specifically as they’re written.

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