How AGS can stop the bots

  1. Take the original x,y coordinates of resource nodes
  2. Add a randomly generated number in a range like (2-5) to the original coordinates
  3. Node spawns in a different location every time
  4. Bot misses nodes

No way for bots to gather all possible locations


Only works until the bots hook into the games memory and actively track the moved nodes, if they don’t already do this.

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Why don’t people just stop buying gold
No market means no gold sites


ADD CAPTCHA randomly lolz :rofl:


I still think that harvesting and crafting should be random minigame, it is more fun than just waiting for progress bar animation to run… ideally the game should be fun, influence result and work as captcha so the bots stand no chance. Honestly, anything that can be automated is not fun and should be automated by the game itself, leave the interesting stuff to players.

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runescape used to teleport you and make you do random challenges if you spent too long doing the same thing. If you fail you die and get sent somewhere random where your bot will get confused. If you succeed you get a nice little reward.

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I believe they use the coordinates obtained when you enable show fps in settings

How far would they teleport the player? Bots use a navigation system as they are programmed to run a dynamic path to the next coordinate. If it’s not far enough it will have no effect

But just being in the mini game would break many

Good idea!

In a game like this that is based on open market & where rare items is crafted/traded there will be gold sellers.

Many don’t want to grind and would rather spend the price of a sandwich for some quick $. And these gold selling companies must be making tons of $ if they can have 3-4 bots advertising gold selling services on just 1 server

It’s probably far easier to find suspicious transactions and punish the buyers than it is to stop the actual bots though. Even though in the end, the result will be the same, no bots.

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If they port players they can tell if they are bot or not, you can stand in one spot and see the same guy coming over and over again. They run to the node, check it, and leave. No normal player would do the same thing these bots do.

The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry!

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