How are we supposed to help with feedback?

How are we supposed to help the developers by giving feedback when they rarely respond to anything, if they do, they don’t give an update later, just a single response and no follow-up on the issue.

The biggest thing in all of this, how are we supposed to provide anything in terms of feedback if were kept guessing if something is intended or not when there still are no full patch notes??
Or are we not getting the full patch notes and all the undocumented changes are just there to keep us guessing what is even going on?
This just means so much more work for you because everything will be reported on here as a bug even though it might have been an intended change.

Please Devs communicate with us!


Or what do you people think?

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Feedback? I’ve been here since Alpha. Feedback is not something they want or listen to. There are a lot of evidences for this statement in game.


I’m pretty sure they’re only going off pie charts at this point


They are probably horribly understaffed and can’t handle the amount of Content on the forum here and therefore miss 98% of constructive feedback.

They have a yearly founding of several hundreds of millions of dollars, I am sure they are not understaffed, lol.


They do reply a lot; I think the issue is mainly that some people give feedback and are under the impression that their feedback makes sense and needs to be implemented.

Patch comes in, and they did not listen to your feedback, so you are assuming they do nothing; they take notes and discuss with the team but clearly, they can’t come back to explain to you personally why certain decisions are made.

bro they released PTR and literally released it as-is.

Do you understand how stupid that is?

Test realm - testers found problems and report - AGS: nah ya’ll stupid, we’ll just release it as it is without any changes.

So its a “preview” server, not a test server.

It’s embarrassing at this point.


I think the people are more upset when (a) zero feedback appears to have been taken into account and (b) things were put in a release that literally not a single player asked for.

I’m fine of they don’t think my feedback is useful. I’m less fine when no one’s feedback seems to have been taken into account.

That said maybe they do take it into account, but they have a bug on the forums similar to the loot bug where a wrong multiplication was being factored in so forum feedback only has a 0.00001% chance of being heard?

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I love your reply!

However in all honesty I believe the reason the game is in this current state is because the developers don’t read the forums. They have community managers and maybe forum accounts that interns actually run and none of the information is being passed along or its kind of like a game of telephone. either way, the way things are being handled is atrocious.


Yeah, possibly.

I think it more likely that they were working off old data, and the change process takes at least a month to get anything through.

The arcana bug was known like 5 weeks ago, with a note saying a fix was in testing like a month ago. And it wasn’t even in the PTR and had to be emergency added at the last minute… which honestly was listening to some feedback.

Mages were OP at one point and some tuning still needed to happen. But it was not like they were the meta recently. Certainly the most popular weapons didn’t need a buff… and a buff to skills already heavily used. These changes only make sense if they were still going with end of alpha data.

I am unsure of how your reply is meant to be interpreted. However what they have released is in no way shape or form even slightly a balance. they have essentially added a few pounds to compare it with a feather to see what happens.

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