How are you compensating loyal players?

I’m so tired of being punished for people who are abusing the game. The trading post has been shut down twice now, many people are leaving my server to go to higher populated servers because wars are too easy/too hard, and there are still plenty of bots running around regardless of bans.

My point is that It is impossible to stop people trying to take advantage of the system, and the good players are the ones suffering.

Banned players continue to buy accounts, continue to lag the servers, and ruin the game for everyone else regardless of being banned. They don’t give a shit - it’s what they do.

The people who are actually getting punished are the people who are playing the game like it is meant to be played, and we aren’t going to stick around for much more of this ridiculousness. People are already leaving in droves which makes our server no fun.

So how is AGS going to keep the good players around? You can’t just merge servers every time there’s a mass exodus, and you can’t just shut the economy down every time people try to dupe. You said the economy was healthy and then shut it down to fix it twice within a week….can we get something for being loyal or something??


AGS is giving its loyal and honest players one free month of New World.


They actually using family share to have x accounts for free. AGS blocking family share but then grating users back family share. All that effort with 0 impact. At this point it’s like AGS is hellbent on servicing exploiters/cheaters and kicking out honest players.

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Right?! maybe they could add up and divide how much gold was duped and split it amongst players. Probably wouldn’t be a lot come to think of it. Which makes you wonder why shutting down wealth trade was so important. Honestly, the way this game continues to play out, I’m kinda over it and it’s only been a month. I played WoW for years. It was much nicer having in game MODS who could ban people on the spot. That’s what this game needs. A MOD available to ban mass botting on the spot.

I’m on Valhalla, one of the most populated servers on US East. We went up against a team that was almost all full voidbent. There are also tons of bots. Bots that have long been reported, never dealt with.

Just saying.

Yes, I don’t think the problem is restricted to lower populated servers. But there are many attempting to move to higher populated servers because they think it is.

This conversation was overdue weeks ago when AGS failed to provide proof that bans were issued for the invincibility cheats. Since then it’s just been one cheat after another.

It’s time New World was converted into a Genshin Impact model:

  • private instances, you can invite other players manually – no bots, no cheaters, no griefers need to be in your instance
  • everything you harvest or make is bound to you
  • zero player influence on Settlements - just make up some system to divide faction ownership and station upgrades
  • everything soloable, including Expeditions

Then Wars, Invasions, Outpost Rush etcetera are cross-server queue instanced activities. If you don’t like cheaters, exploiters, or AFKers, just don’t play those modes. Invite only your trusted friends into your instance and play with them.

In the interim, all player influence should be removed from Settlements. This would make all servers viable no matter what their population size, and also facilitate server merges.


“Higher populated servers” which may actually be full of bots and only a medium to low population of real players. A lot of whom might also be cheaters and item dupers – where else but a high-population server would they free-transfer to in order to trade and sell their duped goods?

Honestly it’s ridiculous to prioritize server transfers and merges when there are so many cheaters and exploiters around.

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How? They probably will ban you in one the following banwaves. Then they will say they banned x amount of cheaters that day.

I wouldn’t want this. I think player influence over settlements is one of the appealing aspects of the game.

Unless you’re one of those whose server got taken over by cheaters using cheats and exploits to win Wars, then they grief the whole server before using Free Transfers to escape with their winnings.

AGS isn’t even doing anything against players who used cheats. By the time they do something – IF they ever do anything – it’s already too late to reverse the damage. Cheaters have already profited and griefed everyone else into leaving the game.

Player influence over Settlements is at the root of a lot of issues, not just this one. It needs to go.

AGS is inadvertently curating the playerbase it deserves.

This word actually doesn’t need to be in the sentence.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Nobody was “granted back” family sharing, it has been disabled for all and not given back to anyone.

They used a script to weed out the people who abused it, and granted those shared accounts which did NOT abuse it a free license for the game. This way only honest benificiaries of the feature got to keep playing, and they cannot make new accounts for free.

Here you go sheep:

"Greetings Adventurers,

We have compiled a list of players who used Family Sharing as intended and will grant ownership to those players. Watch for a notice from Steam once this has been completed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Funny how you try to insult me for pointing out the facts that you don’t understand, and then post the official announcement saying exactly what I said.

You contradict yourself to the point you have no clue what you’re talking about. Go touch grass.

It does not matter where anyone moves right now, unless the cheaters are banned and everything related removed.

Think about it, the cheaters already pulled all the funds and moved to more populated servers. The safest servers at the moment are the servers with the absolute lowest populations. The almost dead servers. There is very little incentive for exploiters, or groups of exploiters, to stay on a super low pop server. So they moved.

So in the short term, transferring to one of those servers could actually create a haven from the exploiters.

But… the mergers are coming. So pretty soon it won’t matter even if you were on a safer server because we will all get merged with exploiters on other worlds. Where they’ve already laundered their money.

The ONLY solution is to remove the exploiters and their spoils from the picture. They can’t be allowed to stay on ANY server.

Or nothing else will matter.

If you think this contradicts itself it is quite clear why you also don’t understand what “grant ownership” means, feel the need to insult, all while being completely wrong. but ok, keep thinking that there are still people who are able to use steam family sharing, seeing as you are immune to facts.

Edit: As you edited your post I had to edit mine accordingly - while fixing the fact that you conveniently left out the word ownership, which makes it perfectly clear what they granted.

I agree with Chiasa on this. They disabled family sharing. You can’t family share now. There were cases of people who were previously family sharing, being given a new game key so the family member that was playing the game legit could continue to do so.

That’s a far cry from they turned off family sharing then reactivated as poster originally implied

Edited: typo

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