How bounties should work

Not so much a bounty but a mark of aggression so the more you pay the longer someone is forced to flag.

The reason I want this mainly is as a bot counter as players run away while gathering so you could forcably flag a bot by putting a bounty on them and just know kill em on your gathering route

Nope. No forced flagging; that ship sailed, got lost off the coast somewhere, and sank with all hands onboard 2 1/2 years ago.

There have to be better ways that don’t involved forced flagging.

Bot counter is in the game!!! No joke, just have the fort that allows insta placing of camps with no resources. You can catch the bot in the camp and they can’t move. It’s so much fun

You mind elaborating on why you think any forced flagging is bad or unhealthy for the game?

No, I don’t mind elaborating at all. PvE players out minding their own business and going about their gaming would simply bail if the game became force-flagged. Imagine some L20 out harvesting/running missions/doing quests who has to keep a stopwatch running so they can log off to avoid being ganked…

They’ll leave.

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