How can I be banned if i have not been able to play for three weeks?

Make that make sense AGS?

I have already appealed.

I have not been able to play for the past 3 weeks due to the login blocked error so why I’m i getting a permanent ban?

Link to my previous forum post - Login Blocked Error: Suspicious Software has been occuring for two weeks

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Hello @Fwis!

Thank you for your report. We can not handled the ban or appeal process through forums.

Bans are only handled by the appeals team. Please follow our normal appeal a ban procedure:

  • To file a Ticket, make sure it is as detailed as possible in your appeal to ensure it’s processed quickly.
  • Once we receive an appeal, we do our best to review and respond to it quickly. If overturned, the ban is removed from your account.

Things to remember:

  1. All reports are manually reviewed by a human, and no part of our game moderation is automated.
  2. Submitting multiple appeals won’t expedite the review of your ban. Additionally, you can only appeal a ban once.
  3. Make sure your Amazon Games Account and Steam Account are linked.

Here’s the link to bind your Steam and Amazon accounts: Link/Unlink Amazon-Steam

If you already submitted the appeal and have not received an anwer yet is just matter of time, our team will review your case and reply back as soon as possible!

Have a good one!

Thank you for your automated response but it does not make sense.


I was a strong defender of no ban resolutions on the forums until…

…it happened.
I’m sorry, but you should really try not to have it both ways.

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Thank you for your comments,

It is not an automated response and as mentioned all reports are manually reviewed by a human.

If you already submitted the appeal the team will reply back to you with the resolution as soon as possible.