How can I pay Property Tax when I made no money during AH shutdown?

I am not a Pvp person, I am barely a Pve player. But I love to gather and craft. The way I make money is by selling my gathered items and crafted items on the AH. It was down for days and as soon as I log in today the property Tax is due, but I made no money. How am I supposed to pay for it? I had to use my gold, could not trade with anyone to make money, and I am literally broke. I know we had to shut down the dupes and everything, I am not complaining. But property Tax is too expensive to charge when the AH was shut down for so long AND trading was down. This just isn’t fair in my opinion.


Don’t pay the tax. You know that you won’t lose the house, right?
Not paying tax for a house is what hundreds of thousands players do even when the trading post is up - because they can’t afford the tax. Many of them didn’t even buy houses in the first place because they knew they can’t afford the tax.

А в чем проблема заработать золото?

  1. Ежедневный квест PvE или PvP у фракционного NPC в Shatred Mount дает 280 коинов.
  2. За участие в Outpost Rush ты получаешь 180-370 коинов.

Итого за 2 часа один раз в неделю можно оплатить недельное содержание 3-4 домов. Да, тебе все еще придется поучаствовать в PvP, но это всего 2 часа в неделю.

Если не хочешь участвовать в PvP в Outpost Rush, ты можешь заняться привычным делом: нарубить дерева, собрать руду и кожу, чтобы потом укрепить форпост союзников. Тем самым ты будешь очень полезен, получишь много очков, а значит и увеличенную награду за сражение.

If you did your 3 faction dailies each day, you’d have plenty of money.


Does your chest storage still add to town storage if you don’t pay your taxes? Trophies?

I think you just said if you log in for at least an hour everyday, you can do just enough chores to cover taxes. Then you can see if there is time left to play the game.


I am not positive, however my chests in my house have been there even though I cannot pay the taxes and my weight of the storage hasnt changed. So this means to me that your storage weight does not decrease despite property tax. It only seems to stop you from teleporting and maybe decorating.

Well I got double taxed with the prior update and this update my house is no longer tied to my account. You can see it at the location and go into the house but it’s not tied to the account anymore. I’m growing tired.

Easiest thing is to farm iron / fibers and sell the raw resources. After a few hours you’ll have enough to pay taxes. There is items that you can craft worth money to other players if your armor crafting or engineering is up high enough which are bags and tools.

Play the game. There are many things that can make you gold to pay the rent - easiest is outpost rush. Grinding certain mobs can bet you 600+ gold in just a few hours. The auction house is far from the only way of generating income.

I never get a faction bonus actually. Mine has always said 0/3 available. It’s broken for me, probably for a lot of people.


Just ask a bank for a loan. That is how rich people get away from paying taxes, instead of selling their stocks and bonds they ask for a loan.

Outpost rush is only available to highest level characters.

His entire point was that he could NOT sell those items because trading and auctions were shut down.

I see that now but tp was down a day and half, big deal. He missed out on a free teleport, nothing else unless he had trophies. The best way still remains the same, saving raw resources for sale later, doing outpost, or grinding elites. The main story line is also mega gold and azoth for ports.

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