How come Zero Azoth cost fast travel?

How come sometimes, like today, Fast travel cost zero azoth and other days it has a cost?

Ur faction have Resltess Fort.

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Ahhh, did not know that was a thing, thank you. Is it only that fort? who ever has it has the zero cost for fast travel? Any other benefits?
Sorry for all the questions, do you know a good place for info on it so I stop bugging people lol

Ok finally realized hovering mouse over forts gives you info on advantages for holding that fort.

Weekends used to have (probably still have) a reduction on azoth costs; plus fort or territory in your side equals 0.

Huh? Ive never heard of a weekend reduction in azoth fast travel costs.

Yep, tomorrow the azoth gets higher.

Oh for the event. That makes more sense.

I misread that as every weekend.

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