How did this make it in the game

Just peep this, like lmao. Even after the nerfs I bet people will still get one shot.


I disagree with “I dont hate the players that use it” I do.

Anyone playing an obviously bullshit-broken-no-skill build that enrages people to quit the game, deserve to be hated on.

That shit is lowest of the low scum and should have been hard nerfed a week after it came out.


The amount of time you are staggered on Leaping Strike should probably be toned down a bit. The stagger is long enough to always guarantee the Bash which is definitely the biggest frustration I think everyone has with that “combo”. Shield Bash will be Shield Bash, but the 2 piece setup definitely needs to get looked at.

And ya, desync on Leaping Strike is bad from user and victim. Needs big fixing.


you looked at him! you saw him coming and didn’t react? if i see a snb at range i know what skill is coming and i bet you do too.I hate being burst too but its usually my own fault when it happens.

On the point about the leaping strike looking like it missed…At the last second you can move your crosshair to the target while mid air.That applies to a lot of skills not just leaping strike.It makes the animations look wonky but its not unique to snb.

The shield bash was close enough and his using the perk “Shield Bash knocks back targets an additional 25%.”

The counter play is on the leaping strike part.You had enough time to see him,see the snb and reposte the leap no?

00:34 right side of fort you can see the snb coming.
00:38 You shoot the GA as snb guy starts the leaping strike.
I’m pretty sure you could dodge right at this moment.Not saying it easy but its not impossible.

i don’t play the build myself.It’s a ganking build and its getting gutted so eh.

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Agree with the dude. Im playing mid to close range musket too and the leap and shield bash is just disgusting. He dont have to do anything, just spam those two and even if hes bad and miss them he can just run away and come back when they are off cd and nothing I can do about it. I did get pushed out in long range to be able to stay alive but thats not my type of playstyle so I just rather not playing.


Leaping strike is not a reaction test. Not with any sort of input delay + network ping causing the recipient’s inputs to register client side and desync in actual combat.

There is no start up animation for Leaping Strike, oddly enough. No sound queue exists either. Players can hear a gravity well coming, but not a leaping strike. Players can see and hear a Great Axe Charge, Fire Staff Burnout, Rapier Fleche and Spear Vault Kick / Impale.

If both players are in neutral, the SnS has the advantage with leaping strike has #1 frame time priority over all other skills in the game.

Only thing that might beat Leaping Strike is Sweep which has Grit + Knockdown.

Even that interaction is questionable because Shield Bash has grit to ignore sweep’s knock down and Stun which goes through Sweep’s grit.

The stagger does seem a bit excessive. Should leaping strike connect, a player has enough time to pick their nose and still connect a guaranteed shield bash.

There are even more stagger frames than pre-nerf Path of Destiny, which got the stagger nerfed entirely.


input delay/network ping aside as most of us can’t control that.pvp IS about your reaction time? situational awareness + your time to react to incoming damage.

If its not that then what else decides who is better in a pvp environment?

im not talking balance here btw lol.

Landing your abilities matters. As much as all actions leading up to the situation are taken into account. @Nyquil

Disjointed hitboxes like the one shown doesn’t display skill for the person utilizing said skill and whiffing the skill in question entirely.

Anyways it’s bed time for me. Good night. Won’t be responding for a number of hours.


Hey thank you for your Video.
My Solution for this problem is:


U have 8,8k HP and light armor, what you excepcted fighting against weapon dedicated for close combat ? Blunderbass like your musket cant shoot via 150 m…

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Yea, Amature game studios at it again cant fix anything in a reasonable timeperiod. Its pathetic hoenestly.

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So there is only one weapon in the game (SnS) capable of countering the get out of jail free card which is the rapier and you complain about killing you while ur 8.8k hp light armor with no purify on amulet.

So you play musket rapier and can’t die to any other melee because they would never reach you and them having a counter for that is not okay.

Yeah riposte should just save you from anything.


They honestly just need to revert the leaping strike tracking to what it was before all the buffs.
At launch you actually had to aim leaping strike extremely well. now it is so easy to land any one can pick it up and do well with 0 practice.

Remove stagger and make them stuns. That’s all they are is short stuns. That way next patch they engage the diminishing returns and more likely to engage the breakout dodge.

An even better change is to remove any sort of CC from leaping strike. It doesn’t need it.

SnS users should want a change as it currently is impossible to tell a skilled SnS player from a young child player

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the problem with leaping strike is even if you know its coming, the animation is so fast you don’t have anytime to react.

It’s not a game of skill when you cannot react to your opponents moves.

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Don’t forget the Devs, who let us play with this shit and don’t consinder to fix it asap!

This is starting to look like Apple’s tech support. “I’m sorry to inform you, that your device is irreparable and you will loose all that is in it”

The sword leap is just absolutely disgustingly strong. And as you pointed out the “hit box” on it either by design or dysync is just abnormally large.

I hate saying to nerf weapons because I think that makes the game more defensive and less outplays but holy shit the leap is just too dam strong. Needs to be nerfed and reworked

Most outposts on my server are full of retards playing troll one-shot combo builds like SnS + BB / Spear / WH, IG + BB, Hatchet + Rapier or even SnS + Musket with sticky bomb.
Usually there’s like 5 or 6 of them each outpost. Obviously those fuckers don’t win any match because all they care about is killing light set players in the back line, they don’t even step on any point.

The best counter I found was to respec to Musket and play like a Muskrat on top of a rock. They usually run light set as well so it’s a joy to kill them from distance with 3 hits.


Just as he said in the video, dont cry if muskets play like rats now. Im forced to do it (im medium armor musket and still one shoted by bb).

The funny part is sometimes I can kill the bb player with my musket because they dont have aim even at 3m of me xD

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