How did this make it in the game

Good players seeing a SnS user coming at them can dodge leaping strike easily. Happens to me all the time when I play my SnS build against someone good who sees me coming.

As far as getting blindsided by leaping strike/shield bash it’s no worse, then Grav Well, Path of Destiny or any other CC. If you don’t see it coming you get staggered, stunned, cc.

But here’s the difference, SnS leaping strike affects 1 person not a mob of people. FACTS

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Everyone complains about the SnS…I don’t have any issues with it at all. It, by itself, does nothing to kill you.

It is the follow up 2 seconds to death that is the problem, regardless of what broken weapon that is today, or what broken weapon that is tomorrow. Today it is BB, and maybe GA.

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God I love how absurd this game has become.

Homing attacks, key-binds that essentially function as tab-targeting heals, binary fight outcomes based on gear.

This is what happens when you dumbed down skill-based gameplay and make it MMO-player friendly.

What a joke.


lmao :joy:

That’s not the problem I’m talking about or annoyed about the leaping strike hit box is so big its laughable, a dodge? probably still going to hit you, riposte? 50/50 if it works from desync… Also has zero audio queue while all other abilities/roots like void gauntlet, ice wall, grav well ALL have audio queues to react. Riposte is one defense ability that we get every 12 seconds WHICH btw also has an audio queue.

I am not forgetting to mention the 3-3.5k auto attacks with 26% thrust proc? yeah lol with the reload time the BB has thats just a meme. Musket at lest has a slow clunky mess of a reload…

Do you guys want muskets to play closer? or even more so want to sit on a cliff? see me, i want a complete rework that promotes close range gunplay. But thats not going to happen with something like this is it…


exactly, thats why i was drawn to this as my first proper MMO other that ESO, I came from fps games and was like, “wow? a game that values my talents? sign me up!” sad to see its changing with these new metas. The launch pvp for this game when everybody just hit 60 and around 550 watermark was prime pvp.

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yeah tbh it is primarily the start of the combo, leaping strike etc that is the main issue with the weapon/combo

Solid video.

I think that it’s funny that you mentioned “this is why muskets camp in the back” though.

I’m pretty sure that the reason these types of builds even become popular is because of builds such as the traditional rapier/musket or rapier LS, which have so much evasiveness/mobility that you pretty much need to one shot to secure it.

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I think leaping strike got too big of a tracking buff. It was good before.

Only thing needing fixing on it was tracking on close range targets not an aim bot.


Good balance should be a rock, paper, scissor situation. However it seems we only have rocks and paper right now. Scissor was gutted in the first balance update and hasn’t recovered since :sweat_smile:


It was always tab targeted heals, just adding the option to make it reactionary with keybinds instead of scrolling lol

Fooled me.

Of course, that was before they ruined the Life Staff, so I wouldn’t expect a new person like you to understand.

This argument only works if Musket can 2-shot everything the Blunderbuss can in 150m. Except the blunderbuss can run 150 con and STILL 2-shot players while they’re CC-locked

Which is ALSO the problem, musket CAN’T do that, not even with 5 con, you’d need 3 shots in a row that all need to land on the same target that’s “actively” moving and dodging. Blunderbuss can end you in 1 SnS leaping strike combo.

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Are we really trying to bring up stuff pre-game release?

You’re basically talking about a totally different weapon and you know it.

If you’re going to challenge something I say, better damn well be sure you know what you’re talking about.

You’re talking about a weapon that does not exist anymore. Those changes were added pre-game release. Stop acting arrogant. The screenshot you posted even has an ability in it that doesn’t exist anymore. If you miss that version of lifestaff, then push for it to return, don’t pretend the lifestaff which was shipped with the game didn’t have tab-targeting. Referencing a change that the majority of the playerbase knows nothing about, nor cares about, is redundant

Should we also bring back torches and pitch-black nighttime and full-looting to make the game more skill-based too? lol

That weapon doesn’t exist, but the TARGETED HEALING that was added for it still remains, and the newer version of that weapon abuses those free targeting mechanics to a much more egregious effect.

I do push for it, quite often.

Just because the game launched (less than a year ago) with a tab-target option doesn’t mean the weapon always had it, which is why I specifically mention it.

Not even remotely true.

I often reference a change (stagger removal) that happened 18 months ago and it’s quite well supported by many people who never got to experience it. Not everyone is stupid and many people can easily understand the significance of core system changes, like targeting systems in a game designed specifically not to have targeting systems.

Can you stop being wrong for a change?

Funny how it seems that on paper that may be true but in the game ranged players are getting countered all the time unless you just limit your play to extreme range and that’s just boring and very limited. Rapier gets countered by many things. It’s pretty darn easy to get slowed at range and then you’re done.

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Abuses nothing. Its an intended mechanic which the lifestaff has since been balanced around. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it was the wrong choice and many people love the mechanic as it is traditional to class-based MMO games.

And again, why are you against it? What role/class do you play in the game?

To dumb this down for you, the reason they added it was to add variety to the lifestaff. It’s SIGNIFICANTLY easier to place Sacred Ground on clumps by free-casting than it is using the targeted system. This is why it worked so well with the old iteration of the lifestaff. All healing abilities the old one had, were much larger.

With the ‘new’ (as you call them) abilities likes Lights Embrace and Divine Embrace, they are much smaller in radius and due to having a cast time (0.5s on live, 1.5s on ptr), casting on a moving target with any number of movement abilities, dodges, ccs, etc, would result in WELL OVER 50% mis-fires and thus rendering the ability useless as it would be a mana-drain and increase overall downtime on healing

Which is a bad thing, because then (due to it being unviable in a competitive scene) would result in players ONLY using triple AOE (sacred/beacon/orb) and maybe Splash which have guaranteed value.

If you want to be respected or have your opinions treated with value, then please do try to be less condescending. You’re not as smart as you think.

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Place no points in cons
Get one shot
Complains in the forum