How do Elemental Gems work?

Goal: I want to make a Corrupted Killer set using Bow + Spear. I suggested to a few friends to go with Choice 1, but they suggested Choice 2 and I don’t understand why that would work.

Choice 1: 450 Dex - 50 Cons
Choice 2: 300 Dex - 150 Int - 50 Cons with Arcane Gem

Choice 1: I shoot an arrow. All of the arrow scales of my 450 Dex. There is diminishing returns to so many points invested, but each point increases damage of entire Arrow. The arrow will do 115% damage since corrupted are weak against thrust.

Choice 2: I shot an arrow. First 50% of the arrow scales from 300 Dex. This will be worse than Choice 1 as that arrow scales of 450 Dex. The 2nd 50% of this arrow will scale of 150 Int. It does have the benefits of 15% more elemental damage (150 int node) + Arcane doing 30% bonus damage against corrupted.

Am I missing something here? Logically (havent tried it yet) I can’t see a way for Choice 2 to ever end up doing more damage than Choice 1? I haven’t experimented much with Elemental gems though, so maybe I missunderstand how they work? Would love to get some clarification.

Just use my calc, you can put all that in and see which is best. There’s a link to my video guide on how to use the calc; and in the is a chapter on how int/focus gems actually work.

There also is a damage calculator here: New World Tools (

Tested this tonight myself. Dex gear, no perks. Spear was +´Corrupted damage and + Keen. Killed the Warrift Archers just outside Mines in Shattered. L62. Confirmed they are considered Corrupted with coating: Spear build didnt have any perks effecting damage. Confirmed numbers on 3-4 mobs/build.

Build 1: 380 Dex + No gem
Hit: 1418 // Crit: 1767

Build 2: 235 Dex + 150 Int + Pristine Sapphire (note the 5 extra point for using 2 stats)
Hit: 1331 // Crit: 1768

But then I thought, hey. Maybe it gets better if I actually max out all stats with buffs etc. So I tried that too.

Build 1: 429 Dex + No gem
Hit: 1624 // Crit: 2023

Build 2: 279 Dex, 150 Int + Pristine Sapphire
Hit: 1551 // Crit 2059

Judgement: As can be seen, it’s at best basically the same. But then you have to take into account that the Pure Dex build has the benefit of using a gem of their choice, which I did not during the test. So you could add 10-15% to those numbers, depending gem.

On the flip side. If you would like to run a Spear + Musket against Corrupted, I guess this build would actually work out really well as the Musket natively scales with int.

A bonus for the Dex+Int build is that “Assasin” and “Trickster” gear are dirt cheap. So you can get really really good gear for 20-25% of the cost, with the sacrifice of maybe 10% total damage output.

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