How do Faction azoth bonuses work?

Azoth travel costs from Mountainhome to Reekwater

Given this is correct in that:

  • Base cost: 50 Azoth
  • Cost per distance: 5 Azoth for every 100 meters
  • Cost per load: 4 Azoth for every 10 load points
  • Faction discounts
  • Company discounts

What the math says

With Inventory
50 base
302 distance
238 weight
-25 Faction control
-186 Faction discount
0 Company Discount
379 In Total

No Inventory
50 base
0 weight
302 distance
-25 Faction control
-92 Faction discount
0 Company Discount
235 In Total

What the game says:


With inventory

With no Inventory

My inventory is 595.9
595.9 divided by 10 multiplied by 4 = 238. Not 236 like game says.

The compass says Reekwater is 6040m
6040 divided by 100 multiplied by 5 = 302 Not 205 Like game says.

Can someone please explain this to me? Why does the faction discount change every time? What is it based off? Total cost of travel or what?

Distance and encumbrance math game presents doesn’t seem right. How is it calculating these? Straight line or character real time travel following a prescribed route?

Noticed this primarily after moving servers. Have heard a few people who moved mentioning fast travel doesnt seem right after their move.

This just seems ridiculous…

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