How do Great Axe users lunge so far?

Not a troll post, but when I throw on a great axe I can’t go that far, as well as I can’t find the talent that does it, so how does it work exactly?

seems like movement speed affects the lunge distance

LMB. Stand 20 feet away from something you want to hit. Press LMB and you teleport to the target and every subsequent target after that. It’s not broken. It’s been balanced that way. No other weapon does it. Just the GA.

If you want to catch people up who got away use the skill on the far left and Bloodlust for a quick burst in speed and increased movement speed so no one can get away. Again it’s not broken. It’s been balanced that way.


I think this might be sarcasm… However, it’s so close to being accurate I may be wrong.

Not sarcasm. This is how broken the great axe is. It’s literally a LMB spam weapon. You don’t even need to use WSAD. It’s ridiculous.


Literally just spam LMB and that’s it. There’s a clip somewhere on YT when the dude stands by GA user, dodges away while being light roll, dude attacks once and he’s on top of him anyway.
Imagine actually playing PvP in this game competitively LMAO


this was before or after you sow a pig to fly , there is one skill that for some reason sometime instead of pool target drive you to that target , or wait let me guess you play mage or other range class

Can you explain this? Not sure what it means… Pretty sure you tried a joke there at first, but then I’m not sure if you’re the “Nerf Axer” group or you are the Axer.


Reap and then find armor that will boost the reap ability. The light attack has a little reach too and if you have med to heavy armor the reach is shortened due to movement restrictions. Honestly the great axe feels a little under powered, or perhaps just the skills that feel underwhelming.

imho the GA is for Noobs only to be somewhat competetive.
A serious PvP should get bored using it because the lack of a challange and playerskill needed.

It’s ok and i found ways to avoid GA and sometimes even kill them anyway.

The Problem with some Weps is, in the hand of a semi competent or good player they are imbalanced in comparison the skill and contentration you need playing bow or musket or even spear, rapier and alike.
Why? Because these weapons require accurate aiming, a lot of movement and good timing.
The heavy armor GA/WH/Hatchet player doesnt need to this degree.
His CC is an AOE not a singletarget.
His hits need not be aimed, or have at leas a 180° angle and if you arent completely looking in the wrong direction you cannot miss.
Their base damage is in the top 3 afaik.
So you maybe can do same damage with a ranged build, but you are squishy, you need to aim, you rely on ammo, movement, timing and a missed shot is ten times more unforgiving than a bad landed gravity well or somth. similar.
A Mistake wont kill you, as a Dex player a mistake can cause your death easily.

again, PvPers using this do it because its min-maxing, less effort, big reward whereas
Dex Build for example needs more playerskill, more unforgiving, so more effort for same reward neccessary.

to me GA and WH are just not fun to play, but thats completely personal taste.



0:27 Dude is sliding around while spamming lights, somehow even catches up to a player Evading away
1:11 Rapier dodges away, GAxe just slides in
This weapon, probably the entire game, is fundamentally broken and beyond salvation at this point xD

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The real problem with Great Axe is that it’s Light and Heavy attacks are the best thing it has going. Remove the 300 STR Grit on all attacks, Reduce auto attack damage, and maybe people will start learning how to use the weapon with some skill, but it hasn’t required skill thus far…

Honestly he said ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Is my comment really that funny? You want me to go over all the skills and tell you how bad they were designed! I don’t have to, Steam reviews does all the talking

Its true. I Play GA in OPR With a steering wheel and still make you complain on Forums.

I see Amazon hand picked you to be a lifer in this game. Toss all that money at em yeah!

im from ones that hate nerfs demand i prefer buff demand, coz every time nerf is requested from players who never used the weapon or know mechanics they have just sow something on video. There few pool, skill one is passive on heavy attacks, that sometimes drag you to target instead target to you and is not 20 feats for sure more like 2. if they mistake image
with image
to be LMB or RMB teleport, or dont like that they cant kill you safely before you are able to reach them is other story .

If great axe is as broken as you all claim, every outpost rush would be filled with axe users. I never see more than 2 people running hammer/axe. Majority is still mage or bow/musket. I always see level 1-30 players with an axe but a majority of level 60 players I come across are anything but axe.

This is not a talent, it’s an animation bug, GA can go 5 meters when this distance from the target. You can test on the fort dummys.

This is called the infinite dash, as it travels the same distance as a roll without spending stamina and without being a skill.