How do I play with my friends?

I am playing on server Slavna, EU. I would like to know how to play with my friends.
Three of them have daily jobs and have to stand in 3h queues whenever they want to play. Another two of my friends are starting the game now, and they can’t create characters at my servers. How do I play with them?
Sorry for being a little sarcastic here, but this is actually an honest question, I do not know how I can actually play with my friends now. Should we all just start anew on a different server, losing several days of progress? They would like to play now, but how can I be sure that I can migrate my character to their server in the near future? How is it going to work, will that migration feature be available to everyone, or just full servers? I need to know.

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Everyone deserves a better answer than this. We should not have to “hope” we can play with our friends in the future. A clear statement is owed to the player base. I need to be able to tell friends how they can play with us in the future.

“go play on another server and hope that these secret server transfers will allow for us to play together. if not, then we will all have lost weeks of progress and need to reroll.” That is such a BS response. Those who helped this game get to where it is by playing for the last week should not have to reroll new characters to play with our friends. New people who are joining should not have to deal with that either.

Are these server transfers going to be locked to World Sets? Will they be for everyone to any server?

We are playing in the Arkadia Nu “world set” and all 7 servers in this set are listed as full. How do you add new servers and not ensure each world set has servers that people can join. If server transfers end up locked to World Set, then we will never be able to play with the new players? I want to set a backup server for our guild and say “everyone roll on X and you guys can play together and once the transfers happen we will all be able to join one server”. I should be able to make that statement with confidence. Instead I feel like I am lying to them and it is unacceptable.

They made a statement that said go play and we will make it so you guys can all play together in a couple weeks. So if it comes to that time and we can’t play together, then there will be an uproar and I guarantee they will lose players, and the dollar signs those players represent.

Everyone deserves a better answer than this. Ty man really nice… So i get that crap thrown in my face, when i give advice, yeah sure thing, let me for real stop that…

And you would NEVER be satisfied anyway, people like you always find an excuse to be angry… Even before they know if there are any reason to be, nope lets not wait, lets get angry before we know anything.

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What I am supposed to tell my friends? It just feels bad at this point. I imagine they will only allow migrations from full servers, or between server sets. Imagine I tell my friends who are just starting to create characters somewhere, and it just so happens I can’t transfer to it.
Besides, what difference any uproar makes, when I already paid for the game and can’t refund it, basing on steam refund policy?
I am helpless.

I am not saying you should not reply and that you should be giving a better response. You are doing your best to give answers to people as a community member. What I am saying is that THEY owe a better response to the community.

I’m frustrated because I have multiple people asking the same thing and I am seeing it everywhere. Being able to play with the people you want to is such a core component to all of this. I know that the more these answers are not cleared up, the increased likelihood that people pass on the game or some playing now get frustrated or quit. I like the game and I don’t want that to happen.

THEY should not be making players feel helpless.

Well said.
And ALL threads open with the same question of “What’s the plan to allow people to play with their friends now that server are closed” have been completely ignored by support so far which is not encouraging.

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