How do you break grav well AGAIN?!

Grav well is triple proccing and doing even more damage than it was before… and I use this silly weapon… I am sick of the grav well meta. Make melee great again. No more grav well staff

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. The favouritism the devs show to GA users is beyond a joke at this stage. The game is broken.

Its literally insane, i use the GA cuz its the only melee weapon worth using but even I cant stand this

GW is the worsty offender of busted melee interactions in PvP, because not only dooes it render escape impossible it sits in the same weapon build option maelstrom which 1 shots someone’s guard while pulling them to you. Its overklill with no protection if you’re dashes aren’t ready. It’s either you escape GW and it sucks or you don’t and get murdered to death. Its such a raw win/lose skill that it was never going to be balanced.

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