How do you deal with intentional false mass reports?

Recently i noticed that the people in my server are going more and more toxic, and they are literally mass reporting random players for entertainment.
They do this thing when they find one thing they don’t like about a person, and they just type ‘everyone report xxx’ or ‘please report xxx thank you’ or ‘paying 2k to anyone who helps report xxx’ outta nowhere in public channels and many sheeple will just follow. It’s really messed up. I heard some people really got falsely banned for that.
This happens a lot in groups and companies. Some from the same country or culture background gang up and do that shjt to people as well sometimes. And that happens especially at morning time like 4 a.m - 6 a.m during which most of the players online are those that love trolling and sabotaging.
I mean, I definitely do not want to go into public chat feeling constantly threatened and worrying about every tiny bit of my phrasing in case someone gets easily triggered and calls for a mass report on me.
So how do you deal with that phenomenon? I mean do you have a system that can protect innocent players and punish those that send troll reports?

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