How do you download the PTR client?

How do you access the download for the PTR client?
Do you just right click the New World game in Steam and then select the beta under properties or is there a actual New World PTR server (kind of like the Conan Exciles Test Realm) that you must download?

There will be a second PTR server like Conan but it’s not live yet.

By the end of today, everyone with a copy of New World will find the New World Public Test Realm application in their Steam library. Downloading this stand-alone application allows interested players access to check out the latest preview version and provide feedback. PTR servers will officially open tomorrow, November 10, at 12 PM PT (7PM UTC). Servers are limited — at the start, there will be one world available in US East and one world available in Central Europe.

ummm … tomorrow is November 11, as it were, and today is 10

I just copied and pasted it from their post.

Because they posted that yesterday. The latest news is they are having issues with the launch (big surprise lol).

It was supposed to show in Steam last night, and the opening of the PTR was scheduled for today (around the time I am posting it). Mods have posted and said the team in charge of this are still working on it. It other words, it’s past due and has been delayed. Very likely you will want to watch this for the latest news: - Status of the 11/8 Weekly Patch + Public Test Realm Announcement

This is what it looks like in Steam. No download yet, but it’s listed.

Test Server

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okay its downloaded now what? nothing happens when i click on it

Pretty sure they are still working on it. Check back later for an update when it goes live.

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