How do you even avoid buying duped potions directly from the trading post?

If you personally didn’t duplicate items on your character, the likelyhood is that your account will be returned to you with the items gone and gold returned.

If you personally duped items enough times to seem obvious that you knew what you were doing, you will likely be permabanned.

That’s what they said they were going to do, and it looks like that’s what they are doing.

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It’s fine if you believe their words, but many people have written their concerns that they think they were unjustified banned. Way more than usual, especially compared to the smaller playerbase.

My POV is that their metrics to determin a full on duper, are flawed. Given the history how bad AGS is in implementing anything. I mean remember when people got 100k+ gold from AGS themself aka “:partying_face: Congratulations”.

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0.01 was the normal price on Antillia xD

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You really can’t tell with these people. They don’t review anything and it’s all automated. No one reviews appeals or provides information about why - because they don’t have a system in place.

This is just another large problem that cost them a great game. They’ll ban their way to unemployment eventually.


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Hi all,

The team continues to work on removing duped items from individual characters. Players have been, and additional players identified through this investigation will be, suspended until we remove items that we feel would have a severe impact on the economy.

These players will see a 7 day suspension; for those already suspended, this is an extension on their current suspension. We will continue to extend the suspension until the identified items have been removed from their characters.

This does not apply to players who were permanently banned as a result of utilizing this exploit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yes they do. But do they get the reporter and the offender mixed up. Yep. That happened.

I avoid it by glancing at the qty on offer and the price. If I see 1,000+ of them on offer for 1g (or any scenario like that) I don’t buy it

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Agree with you. I also bought a lot of stuff during the period where people were exploiting this bug and thankfully I did not get banned. I bought a lot of stuff for townboard quests etc. since can be lazy to farm for myself for townboards lol.

Although I think mistake can happen with the banning, I think a lot of people will indeed feign innocence since a lot who discovered the bug did exploit it even if not for profit. A lot of people used the duped to make lots of those coatings etc. and distributed it among their company and friends.

Totally agree. I’m doing my living from reselling stuffs or money from 2 daily Laz/Gen, OPR, Invasions, Wars.
I never got banned or suspended. I’ve had my buy orders and sell orders during dupe period, but I didnt touch a single event food or anything that felt fishy.

But as I said in another thread, sadly now ppl feel smart and intelligent for abusing, exploiting and hacking. They do it without any remorse or feeling bad, unfortunately.
But when they get red handed they come up with lame excuses or blaming game company for their abuse, hack or cheat. Or they call their guildies or friends to create threads and act like victims and innocents on forum.
I’m still glad that there are some ppl that value more dignity, honesty and have respect for themself in the first place, then also respect for the game!


what part of buying 800 health pots via trading post not respecting the game? or its ez for you to say that pots feel fishy now?? lol.
and AGS did admit that they are exactly banning everyone who have duped items on their account to have more time to investigate, when there will be no appologize or compensation for those like my friend who did nothing wrong???

also to my experience, those who go everywhere to condemn ppl guilty are always the ones who themselves are abusing exploits. i can never judge anyone unless i’ve seen it with my own eyes, but your kind of ppl are so sure you are right.


How judgemental for not being judgemental.

Cut this crap pathetic lie ‘we bought potions and got banned’!!! NOBODY fcking got banned for buying potions. Nobody got banned for being in OPR.

PPL got banned for cheating in past during DUPE week. Just cuz u dont got banned in the first wave, doesnt make u innocent or not guilty. Be an adult and admit ur actions and be responsible for ur punishments.

You should be banned Chumo, you bought duped items, you own them right now. You need to be banned ASAP.

I am sure you don’t even know how the dupe works and made duplicates yourself, so even more reason to get you banned.


Never use buy orders, never buy anything that seems too cheap.

He probably bought 800 infused health potion at 0.01g lol, he deserves his ban. Who buy 800 infused pot at 7-8g ? No1

Mate you don’t make profit at 0.01G WHO WOULD SELL IT AT THAT PRICE.

You are a clown. If i want to i could buy 100.000 Potions 5g each no reason to get banned for it.

The point is no1 buy tons of healing potions . Your friend see a unusual deal on infused pot and cleared all TP of Thoses dupes items. Enjoy your 7-day vacation

That is just patently false.

Whether the person you are responding to is being self-righteous or not there is no means of you proving they are a hypocrite. Secondly, gross exaggerations such as this only weaken an argument.

The primary means of making money for me are refining mats and selling rare loot,

I always significantly discount items so they will sell more quickly. The reason is simple: I don’t want it back. I want it gone.

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