How do you even avoid buying duped potions directly from the trading post?

@Soluss totally burned all of that down with a newer post. And most of what you posted was just people saying something they cant prove either.

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This literally happened if you put fill up your potions/food/honingstons via drag and drop or buy them from the AH or get a buy order filled. You don’t know how this dupe works.

It was pretty simple dupe glitch

And the fix for that turned into “The Great Midgard Debacle”.


Oh maybe I didn’t state the obvious well enough.

AGS is not capable with this system of algorithm/automation/outsourcing to actually differentiate who dupped and handed off to there 2nd account. Or sold the dupped items on the open market to unknowing accessories to the exploit.

WOW or any other big name MMO, sure they would follow the item and handle approximately. AGS is not capable of doing that. They should except that fact, roll back to pre-dupe patch, fix issue, relaunch.

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Yes it was.

@Mr.Fixit Absolutely! Like you said, just some up front communication about the bans and what was done would have helped and anyone that gets banned should know exactly why they got banned.

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yeah that would totally change everything
with ags tho, i hope to see that in 3 years

I think it also is notable that this last dupe was ridiculously easy to do.

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Super easy to accidentally dupe.

Glad to find Chumo here being Chumo. Not surprised he goes to every single one of these posts and claims each of these people “should be perma banned” because they clearly duped and no proof is necessary. Lul.

It is not 100% normal to do that at all- Don’t know anyone “mistakenly” banned. Do know quite a lot who immediately said, “Oh geez a new dupe I need to find the method before they fix it.”
You don’t pay a subscription and yeah as far as they can tell accidental(lol a tiny tiny tiny% Imo) or not looks the same to anyone.
Confirm/investigate based on what criteria/how exactly btw(@Hanlier)? How the actual fudge are they supposed to be able to distinguish? O.o
Also why would you be trying to combine an unstacked stack that you are trading with another stack of an item at the same time as finishing a trade? That doesn’t sound like normal behavior and I’ve been asking every person I know if they’ve ever done that or known anyone to and its been a unanimous No so far. In fact the only scenario I can come up with where you might have many stacks of an item and be, “handing them out” is during War with consumables but again the method doesn’t sound like a normal action/practice even there excepting maybe the last trade of many in which you are re-condensing because you made too many stacks compared to requests. Which once again would be a Miiiiiiiiicroooscoooopic number of people during this small window. To them I would say read a few books, you will literally enjoy gaming more for having taken a break, it doesn’t hurt you lol and correct me if I got that method wrong or don’t.

A recently closed thread voiced the exact opposite of what I think calling for a focus on this issue over bugs. No thanks, I didn’t get banned and I still spent the last week reading books myself because I was frustrated with the number and prevalence of bugs. No ban needed. Hopefully a short break helps.

  • Let’s say you have 5 potions in your hotbar and you fill them up with 90 new potions. Boom dupe.
  • Let’s say you have 5 honing stones in your bank, and a buyoffer for honing stones, offer get’s sold. Boom dupe
  • Let’s say youhand out items for war. Boom dupe.
  • Let’s say you send items from one bank to another with lower quantity, Boom dupe

This dupe wa laughably easy to do accidentally and not noticing it, that they even handed out bans for it is just as reckless as having created that bug in the first place.

Yes there are 100% offenders, and people who just wanted to try and people who though maybe i just force it once. But it’s also not wrong to assume that the majority of people didn’t know how this bug worked (As you can see in this thread) and did it by accident.

And no auto-ban script or criteria they could have come up with should be justified for this particular exploit (the script will 100% be bugged too, and since support does not tell you why you get banned with proof it’s even worse)

Again, cheating is not okay, exploiting is not okay, but handing bans without proof just by some “Congratulation :partying_face:” script that is 100% faulty is not okay either!

Imagine they made a threshold of “100.00” but wrote it in the opposit style “100,00” like they did with the house refunds and now people who duped 100 items with a single stack got banned why people on US servers are not because their threashold for bans is 10000. AND THE SUPPORT DON’T NEED TO PROVE IT, they most likely just see “Banned for dupe by script, DO NOT UNBAN” and tell you to f off and to never contact them again.

Worst Publisher Ever.

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yeah check what the guy below you said. im tired trying to reason with this bullshit.
all thread about this hilariously funny dupe and ban are deleted in a few minutes, but this shit has been all over reddit. we dont need to convince anyone we are just telling you that this shit is happening and it should not.

Did they expire? People seemed to be complaining about an extension.

What the would you really expect from a company who can’t even get a simple patch right? They have had several months to figure this out, yet here we are after nearly six months, dupes are still happening, cheaters are still a thing, botting happens on EVERY server, this game lags to the point it’s unplayable in most zones, Wars are unplayable, mass reporting still happens, OPR is broken still, despite all the attempts to fix it, weapons don’t swap anymore, and it’s overall just a hot mess. Sure their CEO stepped down, but they need to fire the entire team who had anything to do with this game, from inception to launch, they all need to go. I probably wouldn’t even waste the money fixing this mess at this point, it will take over a year to fix all the instances of just plain BAD coding this game contains. I used to think Blizzard was the king of screwing up Launches, then Amazon came along and took their beer…

What timeline is this??

Have y’all missed me?

Y’all still posting about being caught red handed with your hands in the cookie jar?

I’m sure you are a victim … you got busted pay the consequences.

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