How do you Feel About the Gameplay?

Melee; ranged; magic?

melee feels bad without heals,
bows/muskets get boring fast,
magic is weaker than either of these but more fun to use,
life staff needs a rework


about right.

also adding small scale pvp (aka 3v3) is less reliant on heals for melee but can get really hecktic real quick without one lots o fun.

large scale pvp no heals is a BAD TIME

bow in medium to large scape pvp: its statpad time

i only just started playing magic so no real opinion yet.

Any enjoyment with gameplay in PvP is negated by the massive desyncing, stamina bug, and weapon swap bug.


Quick rundown?

Melee feels terrible. I’m currently running on 2k+ hours as a melee, played every combinaison (only iron weapons).

I played so much opr and had so much fun … now, i just play 2 opr a day for gypses limit. Everyone play range… to find a heal its super rare and the fun totally disapeared.

(edited) : And i didn’t talk about void gauntlet who just wreck everything in 1v1. I didn’t talk about all those light users who dodge everything … i regret those old time when GA and Hachet had this 4.5m lunge.


Of course.
I linked to a bug report to the stamina bug (I’ve had it manifest in two ways):
I have 10 stamina after two dodges, but can’t dodge again.
One roll takes 100 stamina

I stumbled across a couple threads on the weapon swap bug previously, but can’t find them. Ultimately, weapons aren’t swapping (a bit different than the old bug).

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The PvE content is plagued with uninteresting quests. The game desperately needs some passionate quest designers. The nemesis system featured in middle Earth: shadow of Mordor, would be a welcome addiction to the game but even if the devs just played darts with key features such as voices and personalities and combat methods they could have a better game. Even picking away at the bot harvester code could be beneficial if the bot NPC would get itself into trouble and reward you for saving it. The worst feeling in the game is the buildup of some missions and then they fall lacking any real originality. In short they are all, go here and kill/collect 1-15 things with the minimal amount of quest setup.

Range/Mage or lose
(ALL) Melee worthless
Life staff entirely too squishy

Skill gap is gone, seems like an unrecoverable natural order for games these days.

The truly good who invest and master the combat system get punished, those who are low skill cry and get catered to.

Sad to see,
Pre-update I knew so many amazing players who had crafted their spec/gear/abilities to become amazing at their role/masteries representing all combinations of weapons.
They’ve either stopped playing or changed to Ranged/Mage because the current state of the game encourages everyone to be Ranged/Mage and that’s about it.

Have fun, I’m taking a break hoping they fix their ‘balancing’!

Melee is where a lot of the CC and gap closers are.

The world should have more to do to bring PvP players together; that’s economical.

What are the most fun weapon combinations?

Hatchet + X?
Void Gauntlet + X?
GA + WH?

Both PvE and PvP.


I was playing Spear and Bow, but I’m also stuck at ~550GS because of expertise.

I like to PvP.

Slow, I’ve played other MMOs that have action based combat and it feels cleaner and faster with more complexity to the combat system but that MMO is much older now and not supported. Now I feel like I’m stuck with a dark souls on training wheels game that restricts movements and tactics to accomodate those with the coordination of a hippo on roller skates. It could be so much better with small but substantial changes but kids keep trying to make their weapon choices better than everyone else’s by saturating the reports and feedback. This takes away the real looming issues of the game which could expand the games customer base.

Yeah, the character action and mobility are mediocre; light-heavy has been 97% of action games (though it has 3 abilities per weapon too) vs. a 3 button system:

and the movement is OK-at-best tech.

In OPR, I’m hitting for 500 and getting hit for 5,000 (550 GS because of expertise).

I think control over your character in general is one of the weakest aspects of the game. Even walking around feels clunky. You kind of get used to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. PvE combat feels generally like left-click spam and simply isn’t very fun. PvP feels better because you have to put a little more thought into it, but, meh, there are just better options for PvP across a number of genres.

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add musical instruments done gameplay better OP meta classes die

Too much CC ( with some classes being able to lock down you from 100 to 10 ) and burst ( damage and healing ) in general for pvp.