How do you let bow do all headshot dmg since launch

do you guys test the game? or do you just put numbers in skills and run a calculator and say that’s a wrap. Just NOW you’re fixing concussion? What else is majorly broken?

Now bow might be on par with firestaff, instead of buffing them both they will both be trash :joy:

Wait till you find out medium armor can roll with 1900 armor rating and still have best iframes in the game

I already knew this

This shows how clueless AGS is. How many more unintended bugs are out there? Should just package it as a direct nerf than stating it as a bug. This is a worrying as this means that AGS will just change something already established ingame by stating it’s a bug when there is no sign that it is a bug. How about fixing things that players are more concerned about and had raised multiple times?

Major prioritizing issues at AGS apparently.

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