How does gaining faction influenece work?

On saturday my faction did a train of 30+ people to gain influence in First Light. It took us about 4 hours to put First Light into conflict. Today another faction did pvp quests in our region. Our spies said that there were only very few of them turning in quests. At the same time we tried to counter em with a train with 20 people and we failed. The other faction has put us in conflict in about 1 hour.
Can we please get a clarificaton on how does the faction standing gains work? What factors go into it, what does matter and what not.

Each PvP quest you turn in increases your Influence, if you’re defending your land you will push the influence down from those attacking, some places give you an extra x% influence gain if you hold the land.
So the more PvP quests you do the higher your influence towards the land

Factions with less members get a boost to help them to at least get zones into conflict.


There’s like a 5x influence multiplier if your faction’s behind whoever you’re trying to go to war with. Underdogs will always be able to throw territories into conflict easier than they’re able to be defended against.

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