How does it takes 8hours to rollback ( Message to the devs )

How does it take 8hours to rollback - have you never planned for this?

seriously you’re losing players daily due to bugs/lag/exploits and yet you still havent put anything in place in case of a rollback aka today’s situation, due to another round of not testing.

majority of gamers, now have no faith going forward in AGS, people are actually worried about every update.

You really need to take your time when releasing, properly use your PTR branch, get a good team in test/qa, and do ci/cd checks.

Never in history has a game failed and manage to fail week by week, after a huge launch.

I wanted to see a bright future, positive comments, and a pumping community for this game. No one has anything positive to say.


I think they are not capable to rollback because honestly rollback should never take 8 hours.

Im gonna laugh so much if rumours are true and they try to rollback only characters which received extra gold because thats endless loop and impossible.

You rollback guy who got extra gold, well u need to rollback guy who sold something to this
first guy, well if this guy bought something with gold what he got from first guy, u need to rollback third guy sold something to second guy and etc etc…

I for real hope that is just funny rumour and not reality.


Are you a network engineering buddy since you know how long a rollback should take? If so please tell me how long it should take, and how they should do it.


i recommend browsing some steam discounts xd


I mean, most of us here have played other MMOs and I think it is fair to say they have all had to do server rollbacks at one point during their lifespan. I remember playing one called “Rohan: Blood Feud” (turns out, not LoTR related) and they did a few server rollbacks in my time there - none of which took this long!


Network engs dont do backups.

And in most cases (industry standard) you take snapshots before ANY major patch, in case shit hits the fan, you load the backup again. Using AWS this is pretty damn easy IF you made the backup, since that is one of the selling points of using their infrastructure. The biggest one being scalability and availability.

You always avoid partial rollbacks since they are basically impossible to do right and full backups are rather easy since every single table gets redone from scratch.


have you ever done a system restore on windows? about that long. Like 10ish minutes, unless their servers really are AWS handmedowns.

Took 43 minutes on Warframe …that is with testing to see if things worked afterwards.


Yep and the restore itself probably took 5. The rest is waiting for the tests to be green again and booting everything up.

They are worried if they roll back it might delete everyone’s characters
Cuz New Bugs


How long should it take to do partial rollbacks for an undisclosed number of individual characters?

Honestly, i dont even think they can do rollbacks. They are probably doing the tracking one after one like with the exploits.

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10 to 40 Minutes (at max) depending on the size of your DB and your Hardware.
There, you got your answer from an IT Network Engineer.


DO you really need to be a network engineer to know how much rollback takes?
Cant you judge from other games that did it?

Buddy you are talking about backing up 1 pc, not hundreds of servers my guy what you on about?

Good luck with that with 100 000 players logging in at one time or other during this fk up


Because their lead QC Manager is having issues still …



I just don’t get it, they added PTR to test any updates, to use community guidelines and staff and they just do something with main servers without any testing and f this up like always. I really don’t understand what is going on, I mean do they even have people as testers, Do they actually use some test servers to check any update or fix they wanna use in the future?



all is said… GG

every day we are all disappointed more … :pensive:


Bro are you a network engineer lol? Theyre in raid, its a fuckin 1 button thing. One dude doesn’t walk around and reset it like it’s all seperate pcs. System restore basically.